2012 Startling New Secrets

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  1. Spook45

    In all reality, most of the catastrophies caused by the approaching 2012 alignment are happening now. For some reason people envision that these things will happen all at once. The truth is that the motions of the earth and the changes that it will bring are happening now at a gradual and increasing pace. The recent rash of earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and wheather changes all corrilate to the changes in the pitch or angle of the rotation of the earths axis. As it completes its circular reavolution there will be some things happening and there may be some minor disruptions associtated with changes in the gravitational magnetics caused by the change in position of the earths axis however it will not be a deluge of events that will destroy the earth. Preps are important because if you live in an effected area you will need those preps but it will be not much different than any other emergancy we have in various places around the country on the daily basis. Be prepared, act accordingly and clean up afterward and go on.

  2. Jason Charles

    It's like the frog in the pot syndrome. If you drop a frog in boiling water. He will (react) by jumping right out. But, put a frog in room temp water and slowly boil the water. The frog will boil to death. Meaning most of us are not seeing the signs & will think that these disaster are just a cycle in the earth's process. Therefore, people will still be reluctant to get "ready" and "stay in the pot until they boil to death". But for those of 'Us" who are seeing these "Events" as something else. We are already "jumping out of the pot" and getting ready.

  3. J Reiter

    The chilli EQ moved the axis of the planet a few inches, that proof enough for me that pole shift is real. How many clues do people need to WAKE UP and get ready?


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