20/20: The last Days On Earth

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  1. spook45

    WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!?? Global warming can be debunked by pretty much anyone with a 5th grade education. Thats right folks, if you can pass 5th grade Science, you can figure out that global warming is a huge fucking HOAX designed to steal MORE OF YOUR MONEY! The nukes, the germs and acts of God are the only ones in here that are real. Global warming, just another cycle of nature that will come and go as it has 1000's of time before in our history. BUY MORE AMMO!

  2. larry kurmode

    Global warming is a natural cycle of the earth, carbon levels follow sun activity not the other way around. When people stop selling their soul to the devil for a couple pieces of silver, then we might have the truth.


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