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30 minutes to grab and go

What if you had 30 minutes to grab what you can from your home and go? What would you take, would you be prepared? Read this article to plan ahead.

The idea here is simple, to plan ahead for the worst. Of course, the worst may not happen but we have all gone through minor emergencies where we look back on and say to ourselves that we wished we prepared. Well, here is an opportunity to do it while things are still peachy. Gather your family and formulate a plan to be ready.

I have a bug out bag in my room packed with everything I need, so when disaster strikes I don’t need to hesitate and I can just go. Also by being prepared ahead of time, I am better focused and less stressed. The most important thing is to be ready for an emergency, mentally. Most people when faced with a disaster, freeze and don’t know what to do.

The best we can all do today is to prepare ourselves mentally and of course gather what we need.