5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Chocolate

For hundreds of years chocolate (really cocoa) has been a beloved comfort food. Used as form of refuge for the heartbroken and depressed or as a token of affection from a smitten admirer. Chocolate in all it’s wonderful forms has made a lasting impression on our culture and our taste buds. Despite the delicious nature of chocolate, we have been told that it is unhealthy and should be avoided. But maybe chocolate isn’t as unhealthy as you’ve been told. In fact, recent studies suggest that chocolate has a wealth of health benefits that most people are unaware of.

Here is my take on the top 5 health benefits of chocolate:

Cocoa Beans

1. Muscle recovery

A study performed at the James Madison University, showed that athletes who consumed chocolate milk on a regular basis, had an equal or greater rate of muscle recovery time after exercise. The chocolate milk also gave the athletes a chance to recover some of the minerals, vitamins and fluid that was lost previously.


2. Brain Booster

A study presented at the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Francisco, suggests that cocoa may actually improve memory and brain function while decreasing the decline of brain function, particularly with old age.


3. Circulatory benefits

A host of studies prove the circulatory benefits of chocolate. While many chemicals contribute to these benefits., the main benefits seem to be coming from epicatechin, which reduces blood pressure while working as an anti-oxidant.  These circulatory benefits seems to be wide reaching within the body and contribute to both mental and physical health. Some studies even suggest that chocolate can reduce cholesterol and even reduce the risk of having a heart attack.


4. Mood Enhancement

Chocolate contains a chemical called pheny ethylamine, a mild mood elevator. This chemical helps to release endorphins in your brain giving you an extra boost of pleasure and satisfaction.  There are also carbohydrates in chocolate which raise serotonin levels in the brain adding to the sense of well being. Some even suggest that the smell of chocolate alone stimulates theta brain waves which contribute to relaxation.


5. Aphrodisiac

Aside from the many cultural uses (see Valentines Days,  Casanova & Montezuma) of chocolate as an aphrodisiac, there is some real science to back it up.  A chemical known as PEA (phenylethylamine) resides in human brains and helps regulate emotions and pleasure. When chocolate is eaten, this chemical is released causing feelings of pleasure and love. While PEA is debated in the scientific community, other chemicals like Tryptophan contribute to the feelings of well being associated with chocolate.


Misc Benefits

  • People who eat chocolate statistically live one year longer than those who don’t
  • Flavinoids in chocolate may help blood vessels retain elasticity
  • Healers once used chocolate to treat bronchitis

A Health Note:

This above information is not medical advice. While chocolate has some amazing benefits, it must be eaten in moderation due to the sugar and high amount of calories. Also it should be noted that dark chocolate contains less sugar and calories and more of the cocoa which is the source of the health benefits.


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  1. cal orey

    I like this blog post. Good job.
    author of
    The Healing Powers of

  2. Preparedness Pro

    This is great news. I have a friend who is totally convinced that chocolate is on the food pyramid and a food group unto itself. The typical Nestle stuff you get from the supermarket isn't great, but the fine dark chocolate certainly has these benefits!


  3. Jeff Stern

    Chocolate is a miraculous, wonderful, amazing substance. One of the best ways to get your chocolate in a near-pure form is through eating chocolate covered cocoa beans. Just a small handful of these is full of nutritional benefits, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Try these treats!

  4. Julia St.Claire

    Hi hi. Just so you know,,, There is a cold pressed dark chocolate now available that uses Acai and Blue berries as the major sweetners. To list off a few details,, it has no caffine, no lactose, no waxes, no fillers,, its vegan and even Kosher!
    People with all sorts of health issues including obesity, diabetis, cardiovascular disease and more are lining up to eat the healthy dark chocolate nugget (suggested to be eaten 3xs a day guilt free!) This cold pressed healthy chocolate puts candy chocolate in the dog house and brings to light all the varied and miracules effects of the cocoa bean Thanks so much from this chocoholic! yours truely, Julia St. Claire. chocolateforloveandhealth.com

  5. William Barentine

    Those that eat/consume Acai berries/juice, had better check first for counter-indications if they take meds!
    Not everything is GOOD for you!

  6. William Barentine

    Mood alteration has it's benefits, as the endorphins help you in times of stress and discomfort!
    Get some, store it, keep it handy.
    It can make all the difference in the world…
    (We are talking survival here right?)

  7. tessa wu

    This puts chocolate on a new perspective for people especially the diabetics; but we must always remember that one should eat in moderation or better yet consult first your physician.


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