7 Clever Ideas to Hide Your Secret Stash


Most people already know the importance of keeping valuables and weapons locked up and out of sight

from prying eyes. Guns should always be kept in a locked safe and out of the reach of children. But when it comes to keeping all of your weapons stashed, Preppers know better than to put all of their eggs in one basket.

While rifle cases can be a great way to store larger guns, they also make an easy target for criminals if they’re small enough to be carried or easy to break into. That’s why covert gun safes are becoming more popular these days as people try to come up with better ways to protect their property. As a Prepper, we always encourage readers of our survival blog to keep a geo cache stashed somewhere outside of the home whether it be in the back yard to protect against robbery or in a remote area close to home for bug out situations. But there are certain situations where you need to have a defense weapon that is easily accessible yet not obvious to the untrained eye.

The following list was compiled to give you some clever options to hide your secret stash.

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4 Responses

  1. Henry

    Pretty sneaky ! The gun globe one looks great, bit over priced though

    • Survival Spot

      Agreed – it is a bit pricey but I thought it was a cool option nonetheless!

  2. Kenneth Blackburn

    An under the desk holster is pretty much a must-have, assuming you have a desk to put it under. Just make sure your desk is facing the door, or it’s kind of pointless.

    • Survival Spot

      Very good point! I always picture these types of things in gangster movies and the like, but you never when it could come in handy in real life.


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