8 Strange Earth Changes That May Threaten Civilization

earthSay what, two suns may be visible from Earth in 2012? Every day we seem to be getting bombarded with warning signs that our planet is changing rapidly. In fact, many of the changes are occurring for the first time in modern recorded history and all seem to indicate a need for civilization to adapt.

Record-breaking heat and cold are striking all corners of the globe; earthquake activity has spiked, even in places thought not to have active fault lines; birds, bees, fish, and other animals are dropping dead with no coherent cause, and there is a flurry of talk about galactic anomalies beginning to happen.

Since the man-made global warming theory has simmered down from a boil, many other concerns have surfaced that appear to minimize possible effects of CO2 concentrations as our greatest concern. Sure, many of these changes may be connected in some way, but the idea that there is a silver bullet to stop this train of collective events is unlikely.

One thing we can say is that we live in very interesting times. These unprecedented events are accelerating at a blistering pace, as we hurl through space on this ball we call Earth. It seems this turbulent cycle is going to continue to manifest despite our best human efforts to stop it. The only thing we can hope to do is digest the available information and plan for the worst, while hoping for the best. Assuredly, humans possess a far greater ability to adapt through technology than the animal kingdom, yet we certainly can’t thrive without protecting the entire biosphere.

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  1. Le Loup

    I think it is very interesting that big business and governments have been doing nothing because they are more interested in making money and thought that by the time things get really bad, they won't be around. Though I am surprised that they give no thought to how there children and grandchildren will live/survive.
    But as you say, it is happening right now, the sudden changes are very noticable.

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