9 Rural Security Techniques

Anyone living in a rural area knows of or has suffered from theft, destruction of property and
vandalism. In these hard times, it seems to be getting worse than ever before.
But for those of you that currently live in a rural area or would like to, there are some solutions to deter trespassing and thievery.

Note* For people who own a rural property but do not live there year-round, your property is the most at risk. Whether you are monitoring or not, criminals perceive your unoccupied property as a “safe zone”.

1. Razor Wire

Barbed wire works great for cattle, but nothing intimidates like razor wire. Just the thought of getting snagged could be enough to deter most. For the full intimidation effect, It works especially well around your primary gates and entrances.

concertina wire

*Be sure to check your state and local laws before using this product

2. Signage

While a sign won’t stop a determined trespasser, it will deter most of “opportunists” from entering. Going onto a well marked property versus going onto an empty dirt road are two very different things for the would be criminal/vandal.

trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again

3. Barricade Bars

Give structure entrances a little extra protection with a steel barricade bar. Nobody will be kicking in your doors with these on.

barricade bars

4. Driveway Alarms

Know when you have “company” before they get to your front door. Knowing beforehand could make all the difference.

wireless driveway alarm system

5. Motion Sensor Lights

Just like some of the other deterrents on this list, motion sensor lights let bad guys know that this property is occupied. They will have to be really motivated or stupid to ignore lights like this.

Solar Powered Security Light

6. Dogs

Dogs are one of the best possible ways to deter intrusion. They offer several benefits such as, the ability to physically match and intimidate intruders, senses that aren’t vulnerable like electronics, intuition (helps discern the intruders intent) and last but not least, they are on guard day or night.

dog chases man up tree

Can’t accommodate a dog into your life? Try the electronic equivalent, the watchdog alarm system.


7. Automated Turret

Having an automated turret changes the security game around. You’ll have intruders and predatory animals running for cover with one of these guarding your property. For those who are handy (and living in an apocalyptic world) , the paintball gun could easily be replaced with a real one.

M4/M16 automatic turret

8. Automatic Timers

I know what you’re thinking, who hasn’t thought of using automatic timers before. It sounds played out, but there is still validity to the use of timers in security setups. Like we’ve said previously, most rural property crimes are based out of opportunity. Don’t let them think no one is home, even for short trips away from the house.

automatic light timer

9. Security Cameras

It used to be that cameras were too expensive to be a practical security solution. However, todays’ security cameras are much more affordable than they used to be, and more sophisticated to boot.

surveillance cameras

If real cameras won’t work for your situation, dummy cameras can help serve as a deterrent in tandem with your signs and fencing. Make sure to place these in plain view locations that are not easily accessible.

dummy security camera



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7 Responses

  1. Spook45

    Amusing, but most folks dont have the money to do most of these things. My suggestion is LAYERS. Layers layers layers. The truth about home invasion is that there are only a few reasons for it. Theft, murder, rape or emergancy shelter. The truth is that most of these are things that require speed and expediancy. Layered security takes more time and makes the chance of getting caught mush higher. IT also gives an occupant who is home more time to react. Good doors good locks deadbolts and 3"screws in the hinges and the jambs. Strong storm doors with good locks, Lots of light or motion detector lights all add to the time and the liklyhood they will get caught and thus, the bad guy wil abandon and seek an easier target.

  2. Surveillance camera

    Absolutely remarkable rural security techniques indeed!! I'm pleased to see such advance development already reached to rural areas for 100% safety of our properties and peoples as well. I'm using security camera systems since long time and it's very effective. Anyways thanks for helpful contribution.

  3. Security Service

    Great techniques!!! I do not think if 2 or 3 techniques from these are used for our property then anyone can even dare to enter in the property. Security is the foremost thing for the house and we should be ensured that we are safe for sound and tension free sleep.

  4. Surveillance system

    Brilliant allocation. Provided 9 security systems/technique are really great but among them security camera system are using mostly nowadays. It works more powerfully than other security technique you described here. Although they are effective and we can use them without any hesitation for insuring our security at anywhere. Thanks

  5. Benny

    Are you afraid of the incidences of theft and forced intrusion? Installation of security gate would make you feel safer while leaving from home at weekends.

  6. Frank

    Barricade bars; not sure what steel ones would cost, but I’ve been able to pick up a number of steel bed frames for a few bucks at garage sales. Sure that larger steel bars would work better, but using defense in layers, they will slow most people enough for the proper defensive reaction.

  7. Rhianon

    These are all great home security options! I now have a security guard, but awhile back I used several of these tactics and found them to be both effective and cost effective. I do believe though that nothing deters criminals as much as a real live person.


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