The Argentina Collapse

Part VII

Tea with aunt Sheeply

“Why do you want to move to Spain? Here you can live much, much better. Her you can afford 3 maids, and a gardener, private school, private health and tennis lessons. You can live in what Europeans would consider a mansion”.
The argument was an old one already. My mother, my aunt and my grandmother where having tea in my parents living room.
My mother was arguing with my aunt again. My father was gone before it even started. He went to fix something in the house as he usually does when my aunt is around. It’s been years since he last had the patience to withstand even 5 minutes of the woman’s narrow minded, sheep mentality ramble.
“Alicia, I don’t care about how many gardeners or maids I can afford here. You can afford to have that many people working for you precisely because there is so much misery that people will almost work for food. I’d rather live in a country where I can safely walk the streets and not have a maid. Don’t you see that the same reality that allows you to have 3 maids and a gardener is the one that can get you killed every time you walk out of your house?”
The argument went on and on, with my grandmother siding with my aunt. Not because she thinks that the reality of this country is good, no, but because she doesn’t want to see one of her two daughters leave to a country at the other end of the world.
Most Spanish immigrants, like my grandparents, hate to see the new generations, sons and grandsons, leave to the country they once escaped from, because it promises greener pastures. They escaped hunger, civil war, and now, 50 years later, they want to go back?
Old folks just don’t understand that. They had to leave everything behind, family, possessions, to give their family a better life. And in those days you just didn’t take a plane, my grand parents had to spend a month in a stinking boat to get here. They all remember that trip, and they just don’t get used to the idea of, thanks to airplanes, being just 24 hours away.
For all of them, moving to Spain means that their loved ones are a month worth in a stinking boat away.
There are many like my aunt in this country. People that, surprisingly, don’t fear SHTF, but actually look forward to it.
It means cheaper workers, cheaper services, and new exploitation opportunities. And I’m not only talking about locals, I’m talking about large international corps. as well.
What locals seem to ignore, or simply don’t care, is that you still have to live WITH those that are in a much worse position. Maybe you are incredibly wealthy, yes, but wherever you go you will have to go with an armored car and bodyguards. You wont have freedom, not real one at least.
As I said before a number of times, people will surprise you for being incredible resourceful and /or incredibly stupid.
Most of the “Herd” will simply sail through life being happy that their favorite soccer team won the finals and that they can go have a couple of beers with their friends.
Notice that not much changed since the ancient Roman times, where the emperor claimed that you only have to give the population “circus and wine” to keep them content and under control.
People like my aunt, these are the fools that love vacationing in Brazil, and think that Cuba’s communism is the greatest creation right next to sliced bread. They will come back from Cuba in love with the place. Oh! The resorts, the food, so many cheerful people. They seem to forget that if Cubans don’t put a happy face they get executed, and that they have a great time because they are tourists with money that can afford to live like kings. Why don’t they move over there without a penny, and live as Cubans really do? Let’s see if the like pimping their wives and daughters to survive, lets see if the y like living like rats. Of course they don’t.
Another issue I want to point out. SHTF such as political crisis or economical collapses take time to settle.
There wont be a declared SHTF day. Yes, there are events that are like landmarks, milestones in the course of history. But it will take time, society will change little by little, until the new reality is assimilated and accepted, consciously or not, by the entire population. After a few months, you’ll se people talking about before and after certain event that changed their world. For you it may be S-11, for me it’s life before and after the 1:1 (meaning the 1 dollar, 1 peso conversion) or life before and after the 2001 crisis. People use it on their daily conversations. “ So, you’ve been to Hawaii?, wow!” , “Yes, yes but we went back before the 1:1, now it’s impossible to pay for such a trip”, “ Yes, too bad”
This time of uncertainty, until people accept that the world around them changed, takes time, months or even years, and it’s a SLOW decline, slowly slipping down. One day you’ll start seeing more people begging, more prostitutes, houses not painted, cars will start to look a little more shabby, because people don’t have money to fix them, until one day you will tell yourself “wow, this wasn’t like this 6-12 months ago.” Things do not get accepted day over night, a SHTF event may occur in a matter of seconds, but it takes MONTHS to sink in.
That’s why you should keep an open, independent mentality, and eyes and ears listening all around you, so as to stay ahead of the herd.

Financial security, and the ability to move:
The greatest survival trait.

Which brings me to my final consideration on survival, my final conclusion concerning surviving mayor crisis.
Yes, some paper money, gold, silver, but mostly money in accounts in a couple of “safe” countries and money invested in real estate.
We had people going from middle class to poor over here. We had people going through some terrible situations, and it’s safe to say that those that fared better where those with solid finances.
Our society runs on money, people. Not only paper money, but accounts and virtual money. It would take a world wide collapse, practically the end of humanity for money to be useless as a concept.
A country, or several, even a continent can go down into misery, dragging it’s local paper money with it, but the other end will rise proportionally. I truly believe this, and history also shows that there are always losers and winners, conquered and conquerors, the balance, the ying yang always remains.
A giant meteor could destroy earth and little green men could enslave us, yes, but in the infinite spectrum of possibilities, that scenario is the less likely one. I’d rather prepare for those that are more likely. And it’s very likely that though your country can go down with an economical collapse, suffer civil war or natural disasters, you will probably have the possibility to escape to somewhere safe, greener pastures.
Hel!, that’s what thousands of Argentines ultimately did, what my family did, and what I intend to do as soon as possible.
Just last week my parents told me that they ran across some old friends that recently moved to Spain. Bad guys broke into their home with them inside, don’t know exactly what happened but it must have bee ugly, so they got fed up of the insecurity and moved to Spain with their daughter.
I consider myself a citizen of the world, and have no problem to move if I must. I strongly suggest you think about this, because it may be the ultimate survival solution. While I do believe in the stronghold, retreat concept, I do not believe it is possible to fight off an entire starved, crazed nation.
If we are going to consider long term, permanent TEOTWAWKI, do consider moving to another country, far away, and plan accordingly. This means, having money in accounts, documents and passports ready, maybe even learn a second language.
Now that I think of it, a solid financial situation and making sure his kids had a worldly, ample mentality, was all my father did, unconsciously or not, to make sure his family survived, and he sure did succeed where millions of others failed. Considering he lived in a shack with earth floor when his parents moved from Spain 50 years ago, he sure did better than the rest.
My father’s “survival arsenal” ? a 22 semi auto, a .22 revolver and a box of ammo, until I convinced him of buying a 1911. Still, we did ok. Savings and investing was the key to our survival.
The survivalist that has 5000-10000 bucks worth of weapons, years worth of food and a safe water source but no money invested anywhere is not doing things right. Even if you invest all you have on your retreat, and manage to get of the grid and live in your retreat without the need of anything else, you are pinning yourself down to one single point in the map, from which you can’t move.
Look to what happened to an entire generation of Spanish. They fled Spain escaping civil war. Look at what we are now doing over here. Moving to Spain, escaping from a economical/political SHTF scenario. See a pattern here?
I know that some refuse to leave their country because of patriotism, but you still CAN be a patriot and still leave if you have to.
Many of the most dedicated fighters had to leave my country during the “Dirty War” civil war/dictatorship in the 70’s. They where alive to come back and bring those dictators and murderers to justice, while those that stayed and fought simply got executed. Which would you rather be?
Save money, invest, travel, make new friends, visit those long lost parents in the old continent, they will be happy to see you, travel around and learn about different cultures, how to be flexible and adapt to them. This is, by far, the best advice I can give you all when it comes to bad, bad, SHTF.
Sometimes, you simply run out of options. Happened here, happened before, and happened in several places. It can happen to you.
A person is not a survivalist simply because he lives in the woods, wears camo all day long, and has always a rifle hanging from his shoulder and looking for trespassers to shoot. That is not what I want in life, and that is not what I consider a flexible, adaptable person. In my humble opinion, the survivalist can feel as comfortable in the woods as in a cocktail party surrounded by sheep. He can play both games, he can adapt. He’s a person that can smile back at those that think differently and keep his convictions to himself if needed. A person that cannot tolerate the presence of others that are not like him has a limited adaptation capability and therefore is limited when it comes to survival. Maybe he’s great at wild life survival, but not at the real world, society surviving. He’s good at the kind of survival required to survive a plane cash in the Amazons, which is great, but he cant deal with society and other people.
You have to get over the idea of the retreat being the ultimate, final survival answer to a crisis. That’s incorrect. The final, terminal solution is to leave the country or region. And that requires some social skills and savings. Keep that in mind before you spend every single penny you have on the ultimate retreat. Before anyone beats me in the head with a cinder block, the retreat/bug in house is very important, yes, it’s the semi-last solution, it’s the place that keeps you safe through small and medium crisis (which are more likely than big time SHTF), and it’s also your home, the place you are more than likely to spend the rest of your life in if nothing goes WAY down the swage. But when TSHTF in a large scale, you have to get out, as many of you advised me to do.

Final thought: A Message of Hope

Finally, I want to give a message of hope to you all, and remind you and me both that survival is about surviving, but not for the mere fact of living , but to live happy, rich lives.
Prepare because it’s the smart thing to do, and not because you are looking forward to SHTF and other disasters.
Do not make the mistake of thinking that TSHTF will be a brand new start for you, and that all your problems will just go away and you’ll have a new start in the brave new world.
It doesn’t work that way. Quite the contrary, everything will get worse, small problems will turn into bigger, more serious problems. If you have drinking problems, you’ll drink more, if you can’t keep a job, you’ll spend years unemployed, if you have a disease, you’ll see that it’s harder to get attention and medications. Again everything gets WORSE.
Someone once asked me, “How is it that you cant shoot a criminal 200 meters away, but police don’t do anything to stop them?”.
SHTF, whatever type of crisis it may be, isn’t fair. It will be absolutely unfair.
You’ll have good, honest people starving, while corrupt ones make profit, you wont have a cop to protect you but they sure will come after you when a criminal presses false charges against you. That’s the way it works.
So, anyone looking forward to TEOTWAWKI for a fresh start, better think again, and get your life straighten out NOW.
Survivalists are often considered as dark fatalists, doomsday worshipers. This is not so, the real survivalist should not be like this.
Negative people will have a hard time dealing with a crisis. It takes a positive, good natured person to make it through.
Know that there are dangers, and situations you can not predict and prepare as best as you can for them. But never forget to live life at it’s fullest.
You and I, we don’t know how long we have on this Earth, so make the best out of it, each passing minute.
A survivalist should not be a pessimist, he should always be positive, happy and enjoying life more than anyone else because he understands that each minute of peace we have is precious and unique, and he never takes it for granted.
The way I see it, the survivalist is a vital, fit, ever curious, good humored person. He’s fit because he takes care of his body, and his body takes care of him, he’s curious, because he thinks that it’s important to learn new things all the time, and he enjoys learning, he has a good humor because he’s sure of himself, and treats others the way he wants to be treated.
That’s how we should behave. Being a survivalist is 90% mental attitude. And even if SHTF does not occur in our life, that attitude makes our life more rich and fulfilling.
There are things in life we can control and others we can’t, the survivalist way of thinking makes sure we control those we can and accept those we cant.
So, if you have that mentality, either by having a fully independent homestead or simply a few funds, some supplies, a couple of weapons and bug out bags, set that chin a little higher, walk a little bit straighter, no mater if you are a doctor or accountant, trucker or plumber, be proud my friend, because you are a dyeing breed.
You are, without a doubt, a better person.

The Saucepan
I know that many of you are asking themselves: What is this guy doing with such a pic?
The saucepan is a symbol in my country. It was used to remove one useless President after another, a total of 5 in one week. People would beat the pan in their homes and on the streets as a sign of protest. The sound of MILLIONS of pans beating is… humbling, to say the least. It’s like one giant vibration wave that no one could ignore, therefore the president had to escape the government house through the roof in a chopper.
It is also a symbol of hunger. Thousands of Argentines beat pans like that one against the closed doors of the banks that refused to return them their money.

The saucepan.

A powerful symbol indeed.
It only proves that it’s not the weapon, M16, FAL, M1A, it’s the willpower that matters.
A saucepan. When every single Argentine beat it, the power of all of them united was enough to remove a president, backed by an entire army.
Not a shot fired, just the will of the people.. and a saucepan to be heard.

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  1. Stevenson

    Thats insane! good article

  2. ProudTexan

    Maybe we should begin to beat the saucepans today in the USA .

  3. Dark-Star

    I am saving this article to my personal Internet Archive. Advice well worth following.

  4. Observer

    Expect something like this in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia sooner and a year later in Ukraine. Same scenario as far as I can see. I hope it's only a bad feeling, but gonna get prepared.

  5. Blamm

    Were any of those brainwashed Nazi cops allowed to live ?
    If so. Why ?

  6. klaus

    Seems to me if we have a civil war in this country anyone who leaves for another country should not be allowed to return. Why should we sacrifice, kill each other then let these scumbag citizens of the world return to rule and put us back in the same situation. After all isn't this what we have now, ruled by citizens of the world?

  7. russell

    cool blog thanks learned alot. j

  8. Mark Blair

    I was an upaid ‘conflict journalist’ cum trade-union-theory teacher during the insurrection in Indonesia in ’98, at the height of which I was a refugee for seven days. I made a habit of standing in the middle of riots, and wrote journals all the while.

    Indonesia suffered much as Argentina did, though a lot of the circumstances were entirely different – for example, no guns. I’d be as pleased as punch to answer questions about my experiences in this environment.

  9. Andrew

    Thank you for this article!

  10. Donald Paul Wagner

    Being a computer cave-man, I find there's no way I can send this excellent Argentina survival saga to my E-Mail. Would someone who's in charge of maintaining this site please be so kind as to do so for me? I've signed my name & put my e-mail below. Thank you very much. (DPW – New Orleans) / seahorse

  11. AmericanAnon

    ¡¡¡ Wow, thanks for all of the invaluable info!!! God bless

  12. Margie

    Thank you sooo much for taking the time to write this all down. This is incredibly useful , and is exactly the kind of information I've been searching for. It allows me to think further on plan of action. Your insights are great, and it was also really useful to take into account the mental shifts that I might need to make. Thanks again. And I hear that despite the crisis, spain is still pretty nice ;) I will send others to your blog!

  13. Black Paladin

    Has this article been removed?

  14. Robert

    For water and health issues, look to find a bag of Calcium Hypochlorite, also known as Pool Shock. A quarter teaspoon will have a bathtub of water clean of all contaminants in less than 2 hours. The water may not be clean from dirt particles, but they will not do you harm. You can then just filter the water through clean cloths to remove particles. If you put meat, chicken, etc in a pot with just a sprinkle of Calcium Hypochlorite, even if the meat is slightly spoiled, it will not cause sickness if eaten because all microbes that are harmful to the body will be killed. Rinsing raw vegetables in a pot of water sprinkled with it will also make it safe to eat raw, even if it were previously contaminated with E. Coli.
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    • Survivalspot

      Very interesting concept – thanks for sharing. I had not heard of this before now. Can you typically find this at your local pool supply store?

  15. Robert

    For water and health issues, look to find a bag of Calcium Hypochlorite, also known as Pool Shock. A quarter teaspoon will have a bathtub of water clean of all contaminants in less than 2 hours. The water may not be clean from dirt particles, but they will not do you harm. You can then just filter the water through clean cloths to remove particles. If you put meat, chicken, etc in a pot with just a sprinkle of Calcium Hypochlorite, even if the meat is slightly spoiled, it will not cause sickness if eaten because all microbes that are harmful to the body will be killed. Rinsing raw vegetables in a pot of water sprinkled with it will also make it safe to eat raw, even if it were previously contaminated with E. Coli.
    Another mineral that does much of the same as Calcium Hypochlorite is sodium chlorite, but that mineral has to be specially activated.
    For more information on the power of these two "miracle" minerals, look at the website, In it you will find ways to use these minerals to even cure people who are already ill with diseases. I know because I've cured myself of the cold and flu several times, and I used it to cure many other people, including some who had led or mercury poisoning.

  16. Mike

    Well guys the time draws near if pete james is right about what he says in his blog @
    and i will be checking my food stocks and tools next week.

    my grandad lived to be 90 and belived he would live 4-ever :)

  17. LoboSolo

    Are you still in Argentina? I’ve been there checking it out and would like to get a few more insider’s tips.

  18. travelssolo

    Found your comments and this site by chance, all excellent points, trained in a lot of areas and have to say for a lay person, which sounds like you are then not really but for all intents and purposes here I say good for you and to all of the others that want to stay a step ahead of the "game" though it really isn't, just pay attention and deal with your surroundings as if they could be the last place your are, and does any of us want to know where our last place will be, in the military we never had our photos taken and it was keep your head up not down but the logic is there either way but for soldiers, you know what i mean, as to finding weapons in Argentina,been here a few months and the average protection can easily be found, as to pistols and ammo, slightly more difficult, always travel with a weapon but it's not legal, sort of like not stopping at red lights, which I don't at night, always look for a way out, and sadly the writers comments about how you look are true, weakness is simply that, however this said many a tough bad ass I have had the pleasure to know or not know were not the terminator types but the average built, all this said aside, I like Argentina, have a girlfriend, whom probably thinks I'm slightly the dangerous type for all my precautions and sometimes rude behavior(she says) when my space is invaded, but I think your post is relevant and to the point, now about them hi powers-a ppk would be my choice,ammo anyone????>>>>>>>>
    of course this is all fantasy to they that read this and think we are the one causing the trouble, we are not we are the ones you will look to when the SHTF– hu ah

  19. Anonymous

    I live in the USA and our economy is going down surely but slowly. Obviously this has left me with numerous unanswered questions, all of which this article adressed thoroughly. It is a great concern to think of our way of life transforming into something ten times worse here. But this is really eye opening, especially in regards to my lazy way of life. This type of crisis may end up becoming a huge wake up call for myself and many others soon enough.

    It would be extremely wise for anyone ending up in a situation like this to do tremendous research on body language. If you know body language, you can send signals to would be thieves/kidnappers that you aren't to be f'd with. Obviously this wouldn't always work but anyone who sends off submissive body language could benefit from this type of education, to convey more assertion/dominance through posture, eye contact, tone of voice etc. Also convenient with learning body language, would come the convenience of being able to read people better and detecting deception before it's too late.

    Super article. Hopefully things don't get this bad, if they do at least I know what to expect. Thank you.

  20. Also anonymous

    I also live in the USA. I've been thinking about a collapse here and trying to prepare for it for a while now. I used to think it would be sudden, but now with current events being the way they are, i can also picture a longer and gradual decline where people are increasingly desperate such as the case described here. This post is full of very valuable first-hand info. Thank you. I just hope that more people in the US can wake up and prepare for the probable problems ahead rather than staying oblivious and becoming helpless and dangerous to everyone else.

  21. Spc anon

    "Antibiotics are precious here, with all the viruses that are floating around"

    That statement bothered me. Antibiotics are useless against viruses and using them in this manner will in fact only serve to further the evolution of antibiotic resistant bugs, which is bad for all of us.

    Otherwise great article, great to hear from someone who's been forced to use this skills in a real world situation.

  22. economiccollapsedad

    Great article. I've been preparing for an economic collapse for the last year, and the points the OP went over is very relevant. I always thought that living in the city is going to be better than living in the country in terms of safety, infrastructure, medical services….etc.

  23. Harry

    Viruses cannot be treated with antibiotics. In the book I am writing I discuss bacterial immunity and overuse of antibiotics.

    • Chip N Sawbones

      True, but you will see a dramatic increase in bacterial diseases in situations like this. Lack of heating oil or gas will lead to pneumonia. When electricity is unreliable or expensive, wet clothes drying in the living room over a wood stove are a great way to spread TB. Garbage in the streets, no sewage system, shallow emergency wells and contaminated water cause all kinds of bacterial infections. Cuts get infected really easily.

  24. Chip N Sawbones

    Excellent article. It brought back lots of memories of my time in Gambia, a country that is permanently on the edge of something like this. Most American survivalists don't bother thinking about trash, cooking gas and antibiotics, but they are issues that really are just as important as personal defense.

  25. Multi Tool Chart

    Awesome article. I remember having 2 friends from argentina always talking about this collapse. Everything was over priced, people were afraid, it was a really big mess. Thanks to new law policies the situation was improved and now they are full recovered. Similar cases will come in the future, but we need to keep learning from our past.

  26. Rob

    Thank you for this blog. I live in the US and I am of the opinion that eventually, such a crash will happen here. It seems to be utterly impossible to avoid with the almost 17 trillion US dollars that we owe and neither party seems to be making any proposals as to how to tame this beast. Add to that trillions in unfunded liabilities and one has to question just how much longer the can is able to get kicked down the road. This information you have posted here is something smart folks in the US should be thinking about…..

  27. John

    that is a good point Its We the people of the United States of America Its not we the people of the world , I believe The United States Is the Greatest country IN the world, One we rid ourselves of the current president and his cronies ,Then with the help of God we can start to heal and fix this country , I firmly believe that liberalism is Destroying the very fabric of this great nation! I just PRAY and hope that the country will survive until the next election, The liberal policies of Obama has done more harm to this country than any other. We As a nation have NEVER in the histroy of the United States had our credit down graded !! Time to think about what he said in the artical ! It doesnt mater if you are a rebublican or a democrat when you cant find food to feed your CHILDRAN what are you going to tell them when they look up at you and say I am hungry dad / mon

  28. Joe

    You can also get Sodium Metabisulphate. That's a sterilizer easily obtained anyplace that supplies stuff for home brewing.


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