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Be safe with first aid kit

This will strictly be a post on a recent experience of mine.

Last week, I decided to take my road bike down to at least Scarborough from Mississauga, which would take me a few hours. Along the way, the unfortunate happened, I clipped a curb and fell of my bike. This result in a scratched elbow, bump on the elbow, scratch from the crank on the lower half of my leg and a scratch on my waist and finger.

I got up did see the scratch and bump, I felt fine, ran some water through it and decided to head back home on the bike. The trip back took me at least an hour. Few days went by and things seemed fine but then I started to get pain from my arm and leg, I wasn’t able to fully flex them. I then went to see a massage therapist, he told me I pulled some muscles and he took care of that.

At work, people were telling me to go to the hospital because the wounds seem infected and initially I brushed it off until the next day. Another co worker advised me to go see a doctor; I did some research and because of the increased swelling around the wounds, I decided to go. Got to the doctor and he said the wound is infected and prescribed some medicine.

What did I learn:

No matter where we go, I honestly think we should be equipped with a first aid kit. Doesn’t matter if it’s at home, at work, on vacation, in the car or just outdoors. It could save a lot of pain and headaches. I mean who knows how bad my wounds got before I went to see a doctor.