Being Green is not new

Here is an interesting article about American Indians whom were environmentalists. What is wrong with living like this family.


So why all of a sudden are people jumping on the “green” bandwagon? Why weren’t people jumping on it 10, 20 or 30 years ago?

Perhaps it is because we were too busy accumulating stuff which we truly don’t need. Now that we are mentally hooked to these possessions because of the temporary desire it gives. Therefore, it is hard to most people to let go of these possessions.

Furthermore, I think we are approaching a peak time in terms of how much stuff we can have along with all the resources are starting to run out. Perhaps this green movement is a way to cut down on our consumption so that maybe in 30 years or so we don’t wake up with a pile of trash.

The unfortunate fact is that majority of people will not change unless they are forced. So eventually drastic measures will be taken by our governments to force people to downsize.

What boggles my mind is how we are disconnected from nature, ourselves and each other. Instead, we go on about our life looking for any way to get the latest gadget or product which we think will give us some temporary desire, and when that is done, we move on to something else; an endless cycle.

When will we realize how this consumerism society is making us slaves?

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