Boy, nine, survives wilderness thanks to tips from Bear Grylls

“A boy of nine lost alone in the wilderness for 24 hours survived using tips learned from Bear Grylls.

Grayson Wynne knew he had to find a shelter for the night, conserve his energy and if possible leave clues for searchers, thanks to watching the British adventurer’s TV show.

He ripped up his yellow jacket and tied the pieces to trees just as he had seen on Man vs Wild, the U.S. version of Grylls’s survival programme.”


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  1. Sup3D

    That is awesome. I don't agree with Bear on many survival ideas, but some training, even if not optimal, is better than non. Pretty cool for him.

  2. Preparedness Pro

    Brilliant! Who said you can't learn anything from watching TV? As long as it's the right kind of TV… :)

  3. Will

    Good for the kid, but his mentor, Bear Grylls is a fake.

  4. frederik

    bear grylls is awesome!!!!!!

  5. Matt

    I'm suprised he didnt try to rappel down a cliff and get himself killed after using tips from man vs wild. If you want to learn how to survive watch survivorman, if you want to get yourself killed watch man vs wild.

    • Dominic

      You obviously don't get what Bear does. He does everything to survive. He collects anything he can get that he thinks he would need. He gets trapped in worst situations then this kid did. Plus Bear hasn't died yet so obviously what he's doing is working.

  6. Seth

    Truly amazing since Bear Grylls is a huge fake. There are multiple videos around showing how he faked certain places in his show. If put in an actual survival situation, he probably wouldn't last one day. He always has a full crew with him and is never really in any danger at all. If you want to see a real man surviving, check out Survivorman.

    • Kennyvo

      really the ex French foreign legionnaire would last a day?

  7. Survival Shows

    Bear Grylls is Fake! It's been proven many times, and if you watch their preview now they don't even hide it by stating entertainment, and fun, etc and other things not relating to direct survival.

  8. A. Dillon

    Bear Grylls is not a fake in real life. why would you think that just because he is making a TV show and not totally surviving on his own or in a life or death situations at every moment. Yes they do what is call film improvising to get the right camera shot to get the survival point across. Also by the way Bear finished the SAS Special forces training lets see you do that. The SAS are agreeably the best special forces groups in service today and if you get through that training then you are a super badass you CAN and WILL do everything he promotes on the TV show man vs wild. Just because you seen a video clip of behind the camera you think hes a fake yeah right you are the fool. I went through sniper school and i know the SAS training is extremely hard. Please dont talk without having proper background knowledge.

  9. Ray

    Wow. I wonder how much pee the kid had to drink…

  10. Darkoking

    lol its amazing he lived 24 hours using bears advice


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