December 21 2012 the END?

december 21 2012

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  1. Preparedness Site

    With 12 21 2012 coming ever closer, there are various phases people are getting caught in…
    Some are just waking up to what others have been researching for years… and there is the tendency to panic.

  2. James

    Why should a “natural” cataclysm happen exactly on the winter solstice? It is just not logical. Personally I believe 12-21-2012 to be nothing more than a reference, or a datum. Perhaps after nothing happens on this much speculated date any other “prophesy”, whether true or not, will fall prey to the “boy crying wolf”? “Experts” abound; just give them a degree or a set of robes, and you can’t shut them up. The strange thing is that although a warning may well be moot, it probably wouldn’t be heeded anyway so why would one bother to embarrass themselves? The point is further exacerbated by a person’s prominence in that particular field of expertise, or lack thereof; the fact being that noone really wants to go out on the proverbial limb. The truth of the matter may well rest hidden in the interwoven maze of scripture, if one cares to spend a great deal of his time studying it, and other related dimensions. Firstly though, one would have to possess a receptive mind which apparently is not that common in this particular endeavor. How then would it be possible for that information to be received by the general public, unless of course that person received worldwide acclaim? Of course first it would be necessary to pursue a venue that is held in high regard, or of much significance anyway.

  3. moyomongoose

    The Bible clearly states that the Angels, and Jesus Christ himself, do not know when the last day is. Only God the Father knows before that day actually arrives. So where did the Mayans get the audacity to proclaim they know the last day is 12/21/2012? And where did so many of today's people get the stupidity to believe such blasfamy?

  4. Jen

    We don’t need 2012 to kill us we can do it ourselves with wars over oil.

    • Mark

      I am actually tired of hearing wars over oil, we have oil here that we can drill for but the democrats complain about that too!!!

  5. January 2012

    In the last few days I have seen stories of record rainfall, record blizzards, earthquakes, fires, and droughts. Those were just in the US. We are done. Exactly 365 away now.

  6. Clyde R. Santuyo

    Clyde R. Santuyo is a Leader Scout Rover First planet poor again more planets power My Spirit for UFO

  7. Savanna

    I don't think a complete alignment of our solar system is what is going to end mankind as we know it. I think that the signification of 12/21/2012 being the last date in the Mayan calendar is like the beginning of a new chapter. Like our new year but in a much broader respect. It is our planets and our solar system returning to the beginning of a cycle where it started. Like a clock lining up at 12 am and then 24 hours lining up at the point at which it started.

  8. Aly

    I'm gonna wake up next Friday morning and laugh.

  9. Ronnie

    Know that 12-21-2012 is here and nothing has happened can we really move on from this or is it the next 12-21-2012 that they were talking about. The new calender that we go by only has four digits in it and only go to 9999 then start over i know this was all bull**** when I first hear it. Now that it past can someone tell me why you think the world is going to end anytime soon. What are the christens going to say next the were wrong also the only way the world is going to end is if we let do it. We need to stop putting faith in unbelievable beings that live long ago and start believing in the people living here and now. That also goes for believing in faiths that where started before we had the know how to see thabt it was a good guild to live by, but the people running the world want to use it to scare,intimidate, and start wars over it. Any faith/believe can be used again the people if we let it. Stop looking in the past and start thinking about our future.


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