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Do you silence yourself

Here is a great article discussing the idea behind how the population is controlled. Here is an insert from the article:

No regime, no ideology, and no power can maintain absolute physical control of all the people, all of the time. To rule, they need to control not their bodies, but their minds and their souls. Tyranny wants loyalty, but it will settle for fear. And fear, once internalized, destroys moral courage and replaces it with moral cowardice, eroding the strength of beliefs and ideas with the poisonous liquid of dread. The individual becomes an agent for the forces of tyranny, warning himself against any action that could get him into trouble. And then he is finally a slave.


Need I really need to say more?

Looking back at history, various forms have been tried such as wars and communism but all failed. And now we welcome a new method, a silent one where you are being attacked where it matters the most: the mind. I encourage those interested in this field to further read the article and do extra research.

However, this does not just apply to tyranny or population control but down to every single person. Looking around people today, when was the last time you met someone that was passionate about something in their life or believed strongly in something and spoke proudly of it?

It is rare for me at least, people seem to be too afraid to be themselves and instead they stay safe and try to blend into the group, or as I like to call them the herd of sheep. The herd stays together and they follow each other waiting for the leader to tell them where to go. They never dare to step out of the circle for the risk of being condemned by the others.

This isn’t about right or wrong, but simply about having something to live for. What do most people live for today? Doing their 9-5, paying the mortgage and bills and going around saying how they have 2 cars, a big house but are really empty on the inside. Because at the end of it all, when you die and face yourself, what do you have to show? You can’t take your car and house to the grave, but instead your soul and character.

In the meantime, watch this video about choices and illusions.