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So, I was digging around on the ready.gov website and I came across a cool widget (Quick Share) that allows you to generate an email text containing emergency contact info for you to share with family, friends, etc.  In addition to your info, it shares your emergency contact, out-of-town contact, and neighborhood meeting place. Right away I thought this was winner; everyone in your circle has everyone else’s contact info already save to their iphone, blackberry, laptop, etc. before any emergency arises. When you consider how fast telephone switchboards get overloaded and cell phone towers shut down after a major emergency having a prearranged meeting place along with contact info for everyone is vital.

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  1. Brian

    This is not smart !!
    1. Make your plan have your info and rally points already set, you may not be able to use your crackberry and so on.
    2. I would never trust a widget (software tool) downloaded from the govt. Especially with this administration lord knows what big SIS has installed with it that you dont know about.
    3. Now make your bug out bags and start storing stuff it is going to be a long hard ride.

  2. James

    I have to agree with Brian. The last thing that I would do is rely on anything that the Federal Govt. sponsors. Plan ahead to stay alive.


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