EMP – The End Of Life As America Knows It

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  1. Will

    Whoa, that'll really suck. Half of your preparations are gone in a instant.

  2. L P

    Might not be as bad as we think. Some tests show that a key cycle to restart, or disconnecting the battery for 30 minutes, will reset the computer. If it doesn't return to normal, it may at least run in "cripple mode".

    If that's the case, and the grid (which is much more vulnerable) goes down, then expect bad guys to be roaming. I almost want to see them all get zapped and leave me and my running vehicles able to drive circle around them.

  3. alk09

    I've been into learning about EMP for a little while now since I first heard about it, and since this month was preparedness month, I've been listening to EMPact Radio's Podcasts every day. Today they are having a guy named James Wesley Rawles back on their show; it's LIVE at 6pm. He's going to be answering people’s questions that call in, and he's going to be talking about EMP and how to get prepared for a hit. I think you'd enjoy listening to this show. Here's the link if you want to listen: http://empactradio.org/prepcast/ppc21-james-wesle


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