Finding The Perfect Vehicle For The Zombie Apocalypse Infographic

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  1. El Fielding

    The back of that pickup better have something to keep zombies from piling up in the back. Like a hardened camper.

  2. Grinnan

    Ha ha ha more like a unreliable vehicle. My 80 series la cruiser has 2 tanks equalling 80 gallons @20mpg. Extremely reliable 4×4 seats 8 and still crap ton of space for supplies. Has roof top ten and armor bumpers,sliders and side reinforcements. Plus its lifted and has 6 ply article tires on it. I will be pulling this ford out in the Zompoc.

  3. Pam

    Don't forget a few tools and an extra coil in a copper box so you can get back on the road after the EMP.


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