Food Crisis 2010

I am sure we have heard on the news of a food crisis coming, but how come it is not so common in the media, are they hiding something.

Here is a few articles discussing the food crisis:


I won’t waste too much time going over the facts because these articles give that and I am simply commenting.

I will rather get into the why and what to do from here on. There are many reasons out there that are given for the coming shortage of food and I think the biggest one is our current over consumption. I don’t have the specific statistics but Americans consume a whole lot more than any other nation on earth, even China. While I was reading “The coming economic collapse” by Stephen Leeb, he was saying that China’s consumption is almost at par with US. However, we have to remember that the US has around 300Million people while China has about 1.3 Billion. So based on that observation, it is fair to say that we consume about 5 times more.

However, the alarming aspect is that we produce very little and instead we export everything. We export jobs to Asia, while hurting the workers here and eventually the economy will come to a standstill.

I have listened to Jim Rogers and Marc Faber before discussing this and they offered a few options such as storing food, buying farmland and making your own food. Both options are ideal but I think the problem is the mentality of people today. We have become so accustomed to consume that we don’t even know where our food is from or how it’s made. We think that it is so easy to get food because it is always at the supermarket, but I think the real surprise will come when there will be shortages or inflation hits.

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  1. Carol Schultz-Weil

    It's so easy to forget how our national food production is shrinking and shrinking as we continue to import our food from overseas. Thank you for the reminder. Keep it up. Even a small vegetable garden is a good place to start.


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