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Get Your Food Storage Now

With stores like Costco and Sams club food rationing for the first time, getting some extra food storage has never been a better idea. Even on a purse string budget you can get some extra food for your family. Remember that anything could happen and the time is quickly coming where you won’t be able to buy anything from your favorite grocery store. And if you think you can go “buy up” everything at the last minute you will be disappointed to find that the only things left are crumbs and dust.

Food Storage is an investment!

Many see food storage as a “waste” of money, time or effort. But remember that food storage is a sound investment, bringing you maximum gain with minimum risk. Unlike stocks or bonds food will always hold its value, even under different currencies or failing economies.

“Agriculture… is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals and happiness.” –Thomas Jefferson

What Jefferson meant was, the ability to feed ourselves is our highest priority, without that nothing else matters. Money means nothing if you are starving. Food storage is life insurance.

Common Excuses:

-I have no money

-I don’t have the room to put extra food

-I have no time for that

-I don’t know what to buy

Easy Food Storage Tips

-Just buy extra of whatever you normally buy each grocery store visit

-Sign up for warehouse stores like Costco or Sams Club. You can buy bulk and save

-Use “bonus” money like tax returns to purchase supplies

-Get rid of expensive or unnecessary food items, the money saved can be put toward food storage

-Cut back on excess spending