Fracking Nightmare Destroys Small Farmers

Angry ManAs if we didn’t have enough problems with the fake food safety bill, a genetically modified food takeover by the USDA’s terrorist arm Monsanto, chemtrails dumping aluminum, barium, and strontium on farmland, and Japan’s radioactivity spreading across the country, now we have a huge fracking (hydrolic fracture mining) nightmare that is threatening to destroy our farmland with poisoned water. And just what is the government going to do about this? Why, support it of course! Introducing H.R. 1380:

H.R. 1380: New Alternative Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act of 2011. To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to encourage alternative energy investments and job creation.

But what does such a “green” sounding bill have to do with fracking and destroying farmland?

House Resolution 1380, given the feel-good moniker of the “New Alter­native Transportation to Give Americans Solutions Act ” or “NAT GAS Act,” was announced on Wed­nesday, April 6, in the U. S. House of Representatives. The bill is 24-pages long and rewards the fracking industry with tax credits and products to help “drive” consumption. The bigger the vehic­le, the more tax credits given.This initiative to expand the controversial fracking process — which has already resulted in contaminated wells and rivers and even ignitable tap water for some — is being spearheaded in Con­gress by Reps. John Sullivan (R-Oklahoma), Dan Boren (D-Oklahoma), John Larson (D-Connecticut), and Kevin Brady (R-Texas). The bill has 77 co-sponsors, with 40 Democrats in sup­port, and 37 Republicans, from 33 different states.

Without water, life is not possible. Poison the water, and you poison all life that depends on it. And just who do we have to thank for this? None other than Dick Cheney and Halliburton. And the chemicals that are used are evidently kept secret. That is, until they show up in your drinking water and you run tests to find out why you are getting sick every time you bath, or take a drink, and why the fish in your pond are dead, wildlife is gone, and your crop dies.

Gasland FrackingThe fracking process involves pumping millions of gallons of water, sand, and over 900 toxic chemicals thousands of feet underground to release tiny pockets of gas by literally breaking up the rock where the gas is trapped. The method has been compared to exploding a pipe bomb deep underground. Chemicals used in the process are kept secret from the public, medical professionals, and even regulators, because fracking is exempt from key provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act. The exemption, which was granted in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, has been dubbed “the Halliburton Loophole” because Halliburton pioneered the fracking process, and then-Vice President (and former CEO of Halliburton) Dick Cheney was heavily involved in setting the Bush administration’s energy policy.

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4 Responses

  1. Le Loup

    Glad I don't live in America, these guys will do anything for money & don't have the guption nature gave geese!

  2. Joe

    Yes, our government doesn't seem to have our best interest at heart. Food, Inc. was a good documentary about how the lobbyists have so much control over the legislative branch of our government that it sometime takes counterintuitive actions that are directly opposed to our best interest.

  3. Jose

    This video is BS. Can not you see propaganda? Where is the red spew in the video so we can see? Liberal propaganda. No system is perfect, there will always be adverse events. Like in ND – the people are payed big time for work under there land. This country needs energy homemade to survive. Do not be brain washed by this nonsense.

    • Survivalspot

      I think everyone would agree that we need alternative energy sources but at what cost to the environment?


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