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Freedom of Speech on the Internet

The Internet is one of the best and most effective tools for people to exercise their freedoms and bring in at least awareness. However, that route is under attack especially with the recent shutting down of 73,000 blogs, read more on this here.

The issue is not about the sites that had live streaming and movies online without a copyright, but other blogs and sites that have been shutdown before and in the process. It seems that the reasons for these actions seem to be political because “Big Brother”  does not like people spreading a different message then they have. With that in mind, isn’t this a violation of our first amendment rights?

Furthermore, if such a swift position was taken currently, how will the future look? Will the criteria become more broad for more websites to be shut down simply because the authorities don’t like what is being said? Are we moving toward freedom or more surveillance and perhaps a system of fascism and communism?

I don’t need to convince anyone, it is a matter of opening our eyes and seeing what is around us.