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Apocalypse Later, Surf Now

Contemplating how you are going to spend Dec 21st, 2012? You’re not the only one. This group of die hards will be surfing through the end of the world.   [Via]

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15 Bizarre Apocalyptic Music Videos

The apocalypse trend is growing and music videos aren’t immune. Check our top 15 most bizarre, most interesting music videos set in the apocalypse. Foster The People – Helena Beat I Am The Dr (Official Video) Jay-Z, Rhianna – Run This Town Muse – Uprising My Chemical Romance – “Na Na Na” Arcade Fire – [...]

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Girls Of The Apocalypse Calendar

Keep track of the last year of humanity in style, with this Girls of the Apocalypse Calendar.

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10 Most Memorable Fiction Survivalists

From the anti-government conspiracy theorists to the gun happy eccentrics, survivalists are more popular in fiction than ever before. This post covers some of our favorite fiction survivalists and the moments that made them great.

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11 Survival TV Shows Worth Watching

Plague, nuclear holocaust, and alien invasions! Whatever end-of-the-world / post-apocalyptic theme you can think of is on TV right now. But in the fray of TV shows for preppers, a lot of good shows have come and gone.

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Montana RadioShack Gives Away Guns With New Dish Network Subscriptions

A RadioShack in Montana is making headlines — and doing a brisk business — by offering free guns to new Dish Network customers.

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