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How We are Making Changes, and Our Lessons Learned, by K-Dog –
LDS Resources and My Visit to The Bishop’s Storehouse –
Life On Your Own Terms –
9 Common Spices to Stock (and 5 Uncommon) –
Principles and Procedures For Prepping –
10 Best Places To Survive In America –

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  1. Ahmad

    Anti-preppers?? What could be anti-prepping? LOL. Same folks the will be coming auonrd asking for your help. Nice kit. I wonder what the inclimate weather will do to that box over time. I suppose if you keep it greased, it will be fine. I use a slice of tube to keep my fire kit together. Stuff burns great. I like the kit and I hope nobody walks up on it and pilfers through it. Can’t wait to see you out camping again soon. Nice job bro!


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