Going underground? Bunker Sales Surge in Wake of Japan Nuclear Threat

Reservations for a doomsday bunker in the U.S. have rocketed since Japan’s catastrophic earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown.

The 137,000sq ft bunker – designed to house 950 people for a year and withstand a 50 megaton blast – is currently being built under the grasslands of Nebraska.

Vivos, the California-based company behind it, is taking $5,000 (£3,100) deposits, which will have to be topped up to $25,000 (£15,600) to secure a place.

Underground Bunker
Cower in luxury: Vivos’s doomsday shelters are to be kitted out with all the modern conveniences American consumers would expect

It says applications have soared 1000 per cent in the wake of the disasters in Japan. And the bunkers will be kitted out with all the modern conveniences the American consumer has come to expect.

Once finished the complex will feature four levels of residential suites, a dental and medical center, kitchens, pet kennels, a bakery, a prayer room, a fully stocked wine cellar and even a prison to detain any misbehaving residents.

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  1. Doug Wallace

    Interesting to see the lists of supplies stored by those in the UK. Here in the colonies the #1 item is plenty of ammunition for you weapons. Your facinaion with 'burglers' may come back to haunt you. In a huge crises burglers are mearly another source of protien.

    • Survivalspot

      Hi Doug – not a very tasty source of protein I'm sure.. ;) Storing ammo as a #1 priority is a very smart move. I don't think most American's realize how quickly you can rip through 100 rounds of ammo in a gun fight. Sadly, I think even the most prepared survivalists have probably underestimated how much they will actually need when TSHTF.

  2. Guest

    I N F O W A R S . C O M


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