Good health is not rocket science

Here is an article that discusses being healthy in a simple way, read it here.


Let’s face it, being healthy is not hard at all. The only real obstacle I see is peoples laziness, lack of time and probably most importantly the influence from the outside such as the news and our social circles. I talk about how marketing is manipulating people in another post and link that discussion to a 4 part documentary that is found on my resources page, here. So what I think is that throughout these years, the media has trained people to trust what they say, so now people are out consuming like crazy. They don’t really think about it, they just rush out and get out because they saw a commercial and it sounds exciting.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you chose not to buy something that you saw on television? Probably never, so does it not make sense to think that there is something real suspicious behind this. My theory is that instead of providing facts, marketing manipulates people by tapping their deep subconscious, touching upon their emotions, so that we react emotionally and purchase the product. I encourage anyone interested to further research this.

We are all aware of that is good and what is bad for us, yet still we chose to do the right wrong thing. Actually, we seem to view health as something outside of us. That is, whenever we get sick, we don’t look inside of us to see what is wrong, instead we run to the pharmacy and buy some syrup without really knowing what it’s for or how it works. For all we know, the syrups could be fixing our cold but damaging our liver.

The point of the article and this post is that we are so disconnected from life and ourself that whenever disaster strikes, we go outside for the answer instead of looking inside for it. Take love for example, if you don’t love yourself, how can you love another. Money, if you can’t handle the little you have now, how is having more going to change anything.

I could go on but I hope my point is made that we need to stop relying on others and start to trust ourselves and become self sufficient.

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Casual blogger discussing personal finance and the conspiracy behind it. Currently, I am writing about survival and how to survive the coming collapse in our economy and world.

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  1. swtsurvivalgurl

    Great post! I always find it interesting how people these days seem to think the only way to stay in shape and control their weight is by trying the latest fad diet. Good ol' common sense will tell ya if you eat right and get exercise you will balance your weight naturally.


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