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In the entire history of humankind, we have never before been so acutely aware of all the ways the world around us could end.
Living For End Times

Global economic crisis, peak oil, civil unrest, martial law, class warfare, power grid failure, conventional warfare, chemical warfare, chemical terrorism, nuclear accidents, nuclear terrorism, global thermonuclear war, supervolcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, climate change, biological terrorism, pandemic influenza, genetically modified microorganisms and antibiotic-resistant viruses, nanotechnology, exotic matter experiments, black holes, asteroids, meteors, solar flares and magnetic pole reversals. Or how about something on a Biblical scale like the rapture or an alien invasion? 2012 anyone?

Every era has its end times prophets. When doomsday passes without so much as a cloud in the sky, everyone shrugs their shoulders and goes on living. Y2K was the latest hype and 2012 is the new fad, though it’s all being overshadowed by the reality of worldwide economic collapse — just the first loop on a roller coaster to Heaven and Hell.

Then again, we’re still here after millions of years of bad weather. From the animalistic survivalists of prehistoric times to our present-day peril, human life has always made it through. There were some close calls. When the Toba supervolcano erupted over 70,000 years ago, the human population entered a genetic bottleneck of just a few thousand survivors. And it’s precisely because history is filled with plagues, famine, disease and disaster that our science and technology has advanced to protect us, while simultaneously giving us a microscopic view of our own pending demise.

The evolution of life on Earth is an epic story of survival, of human compassion and ingenuity triumphing in the face of death. The story bears repeating now more than ever. We may not be going extinct anytime soon, but our advanced civilization is racing to catch up with the myriad threats we have revealed and created. Unfortunately, this time it looks like both Mother Nature and Human Nature are outpacing our best efforts.

We’re sprinting toward the end and it’s too late to change the course. While the rest of the population is left gasping for air and collapsing in the streets, the survivalists will be crossing the finish line, ready for the next great race.

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  1. James

    Everyone is invited to read "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty" on the "Powered by Christ Ministries" site. The documentation in it is absolutely overwhelming! James

  2. endtimepreppers

    Christians worldwide must unite to plan for very unique prepping needs

    In the book of Matthew, Chapter 24, Jesus warned His disciples about the signs of the end of the age and of His coming. He told them about the increasing wars, rumors of wars, natural disasters, famine, and diseases. He went on to instruct us to flee to the mountains when the anti-Christ steps in for his three and a half year reign during the Great Tribulation period to avoid being persecuted and put to death. Christians must be wise and faithful to secretly unite to thwart the enemy’s plans, for our God has plans to prosper us and give us hope and a future- even in the perilous end times. (

  3. SortingHat

    And it doesn't help they are spraying our skies and putting toxins in our water supply to dumb down the IQ in which anybody who questions the government is given the lip service.

    THere is no more *WE the people* left. WE have a willing population that wants MORE of the censorships which most of the internet is now which you can get you're comment deleted or be blacklisted if you speak out against the UN.

    Basically anything negative about the US Government you say is a negative statement against the UN and they won't allow it which I think the reason why Obama has done more executive orders then any other President in the US History is because of a false flag that is coming for the NEXT President in line who will deal the shit storm much like how Bill Clinton made the Muslims angry enough to retaliate which took till the Bush era to be completed so he wounded up bearing the responsibility of Bill CLinton's air cruise missile strikes which most of the missiles *missed* hence it's name.


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