Guide to Happiness – Philosophy

An important and often ignored aspect of survival, is the minds mastering of it’s own environment. Being able to find true happiness, even in small things, is what it takes to truly live.

We tend to accept that people in authority must be right. It’s this assumption that Socrates wanted us to challenge by urging us to think logically about the nonsense they often come out with, rather than being struck dumb by their aura of importance and air of suave certainty. This six part series on philosophy is presented by popular British philosopher Alain de Botton, featuring six thinkers who have influenced history, and their ideas about the pursuit of the happy life.

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  1. TodaysSurvivalShow

    Good post and good videos, I would like to add that wanting, but not needing other people's approval is another way to build self esteem. In other words it's OK if you want someone's approval, but don't need it to give you your identity. That goes for anyone in your life. Low self esteem leads to inability to do what's necessary to survive. Thanks for posting this.


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