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Gun Safety For Dummies

When it comes down to it, guns are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can own in a survival situation. But not everyone realizes the strength and power of a firearm. This post is dedicated to those people. Remember, safety first!

Man Falls Over Whilst Holding Pistol And Fires

Gun Recoil Knockout

Woman Gets Knocked Out By A Desert Eagle

Guy Hit In head With .50 Caliber Ricochet

Girl Gets Hit by Recoil

Sniper Rifle Recoils Are No Joke

Knocked Out By A Spear Gun

Girl + Shotgun = Disaster

Chick Almost Shoots Herself!!!

Officer Shoots Himself

Girl Knocks Herself Out with Gun

Gun Recoil Knocks Out Man’s Tooth

Poor HOT Girl Gets Owned by a Shotgun and Cries

DEA Agent Shoots Himself In The Foot

Girl Loses Control Of Full Auto AK-47

Guy Shoots His Pants Off With A Shotgun

Drunk Guy Owned by Shotgun

Dumb Cop Almost Shoots Partner

Joe Shoots Himself

Hot Casing Down BRA!!! OUCH!!! ( 44 MAG & 357 MAG! )

Big Gun Recoil