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Survival Spot is dedicated to helping everyone learn philosophy and fundamentals of preparedness and survival.

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  1. Ray

    We hope that people become inspired by these survival stories to prepare themselves in case they ever face similar situations. In recent years disasters have been increasing in unimaginable numbers and only those who have the proper training and equipment to survive live to tell about it. Please remember that during times of chaos you don't have the convenience to go out and buy a new Bug Out Bag therefore it is essential that you take the precautionary steps to prepare yourself in advance. If you are confused and don't know what to get, we can help you out just visit us at BugOutKit.com ( http://www.bugoutkit.com/ ) and we'll be glad to answer any of your questions. "Prepare today, survive tomorrow."

    • Survivalspot

      I found them very inspiring Ray! Thanks for your input. :)

  2. BugOutKit.com

    Survival stories are always inspirational because it gives people hope that when you think your life is over, you can find a way to survive and live to tell about it. It's important to know about ways to increase your chances of survival so maybe one day you can talk about your own survival story. An important tool regularly ignored is a custom Bug Out Bag or Emergency Survival Kit which can save your life during any disaster so make sure you look into getting your custom Bug Out Kit before you find yourself in a situation you can't possibly get out of.


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