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How is this made?

Here is a great stand up comedy piece by Joe Rogan talking about how today, people don’t know how to make anything.


Although, it is comedy, the point is straightforward, we don’t know how anything is made. We have put so much trust into the service industry that we ourselves don’t know how to fix anything. So if anything breaks, we just buy it new because it is easier plus we don’t have the time to fix it or learn anything new.

I always hear my mom telling me that years ago, people used to know how to do everything. Actually, when I was younger my dad kept telling me to learn a bit of everyone because it is for my own good, and you never know when you will need it. Sure, I was young and knew everything so I just brushed it off, but seeing the world today, I think that advice was the best thing ever.

I mean let’s consider some things here:

This would be the most important thing to be worried about yet we rely on others (the supermarket) to supply us the food. On top of that, because we get ourself deep in debt, we now demand lower prices but yet we forget what consequences that has to the food quality.