How to choose the ideal survival knife

How to choose the ideal survival knife

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  1. Explo

    There are some truly great knives on the market and there are numerous posts, comments and advise on which to get. I have found a knife that is woefully over looked. It's a Schrade SCHF9 Extreme Survival Knife. It's made from 1095 high-carbon steel, it's a full 1/4 in thick with a kraton handle. I would suggest, at the least, taking a look at it. It is a little on the big-ish side at 12 in overall and a blade length of 6.4 in. Having said that, I've had no problems making feather sticks and has plenty of girth for chopping. Batoning is a nonissue.

  2. Bob Griffin

    I'm just a guest….but I must disagree with a couple of points in the article. In my humble opinion, a kiife should not be hammered on, should not be pried with, should not be used for chopping. That's why they make hammers and chisels and axes and crowbars. No offence intended. Best wishes to everyone.
    "Ol Bob in North Central Tx

    • aniq

      I totally disagree with you. The points is, in survival situation it should be carry less equipment. But the less equipment help u do hundred things. Thats why they called it survival knife. It’s happen to me long time ago. Lost in jungle and totally exhausted. I dont want to carry useless thing except my parang.Thanks God it not for long time. humble opinion.

  3. Explo

    Hey there Ol Bob, just one question… Do you plan on carrying hammers, chisles, axes and crowbars with you when you're foraging in a SHTF situation?

    • Bob Griffin

      Hey Explo…That would depend on where I am wtshtf. What are you going to use for a knife when it breaks from being abused?

  4. Explo

    Well I've got 5, my USMC Ka-Bar fighting knife that I got when I was in the corps back in the mid 80's, a Ka-Bar BK2, Schrade Schf9, Buck 119BKS and a Gerber Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife . Both the BK2 and the Schrade are .250 in. thick, more than likely I'll be hard pressed to break either of those. I would have to be doing something truly stupid , which I would not be doing My Marine Corps issued Ka-Bar, truthfully, I've beated the hell out of it. Doubt you can abuse that one worce than my son or I have. For being almost 30 yrs old it's still in great shape.The Buck was my fathers, I know for a fact that it's over 40 yrs old. Not sure about the Bear Grylls survior job, havnt used it that much, only had it for about a year. After 25 as a Tool Maker I am very familiar with the capabilities of various steels, from tool steels to stainless and although stainless tends to be a bit brittle, 1/4 in. 1095 carbon steel is damn near unbreakable. I would not hesitate to use either to split wood by batoning.

  5. RamboMoe

    Very cool, this has been something I've been looking into recently, and this infographic was very helpful. Pretty thorough.


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