How To Drill A Well In Your Own Backyard!

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  1. Le Loup

    It would help if one had some ifo on the drill itself, all I can see is some PVC pipe and something on the end. Any more info available on the drill?

  2. Lucas_SurvCache

    If you click through to youtube there is a link in the video description to this site:

    Basically they want you to buy all of the pieces of the drill from them, but it does show you more about how it works.

    From I can see in the video, it just looks like a solid trip to Lowes/Home Depot.

  3. Noah Quarshie

    We bought the Drill a well in your own backyard for a Mission work in Africa.
    We followed all the instructions for drilling.
    we had a compressor that is 180psi .
    when we started to drill all was fine then the Drill Bid stop turning. after about tem minutes,
    We removed the drill clean it and put it back but it will not work, the prfessure on the guage was 100psi.
    Can you help us solve this problem as we are helping a village with water.
    We bought two of the pump motor so we put the second one in but the same proble, Can you help?
    Thanks so much.
    Noah Quarshie. Fiels Director Grace Baptist Mission.

    • oldmsrebel

      Did you have plenty of water in the hole available ? Seems the drill was getting stopped up and could not get the shavings out . Did you put too much pressure on your drill pipe ? I am no expert, but this seems logical.


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