How To Give A Puppy CPR

Dog / Puppy CPR[Via: Carrington College’s Veterinary Tech Program ]

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  1. Michael Ruiz

    It's nice to learn about this Puppy CPR. Pet owners must learn this one.

  2. Jason

    Man the thought of ever having to do CPR to my dog has never crossed my mind. Thanks for making me aware of this. Didn't even think about the nose instead of the mouth either. Awesome stuff!

  3. Find Dog Breeders

    Very nice. This is my first knowledge on how to CPR a dog, I thought they don't need it because they know how to swim.

  4. Markhery

    It's nice post on Puppy CPR. If an animal is in need of cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) you have to move very fast. It's best to learn how to do CPR by taking a course, such as one given by your local chapter of the Red Cross [source: Das]. However, it's a good idea for you to have a general idea of how to give your dog CPR even before you take the course. Here's a general guide to how to do CPR on your dog.


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