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How to Live on Virtually No Money

A few weeks ago I randomly started searching for this and found quite a few people that are doing it. Here is just a short list of them:

The last two guys are living without any money, while no impact man was a project for a small family in New York to live for one year with the goal of not having an impact on the environment; they also have a documentary on this.

As I started to research this more and more, the things these guys were saying made much sense. Probably what stood out most for me was that without money, there is more compassion, caring, sharing and love among people. As with money, people just want to be friends with you because they want something.

In fact, Suelo was a previous blog post was stating that we are so disconnected from everything, that we don’t even know the damage we are causing. He was referring to consumerism and not knowing how our products are made, from where and under what labor conditions. We simply run out, want the product, for the cheapest price and don’t care about anything else. He simply asks, what are we coming to?

There are much more details and I encourage anyone interested to check out those websites. In the meantime, I will go over what I want to do in the next few years. I have mentioned before that I grew up on a farm, so now that I am older and starting life, I am looking to get back to those roots. Not only that, but I see just how fragile our world is today.

I have downsized my material possessions and now are looking for land to purchase to turn into off grid living. With that in place, I would built a shelter and become self sufficient through solar power and gardening. I may not be completely escaping money but it will minimize  the reliance on money. In fact, the biggest benefit would be being in touch with nature and learning skills needed for long term survival.