How to Survive Without Toilet Paper

toilet paper roll

Your survival plan should include a huge stock of toilet paper. Nonetheless, if you were faced with a long term situation in which the stock was used up, it would be good to know about toilet paper substitutes.

The problem is very basic. Personal hygiene is a high priority in survival situations; it’s good for both health and morale. Toilet paper is very convenient, but emergency preparation has to account for the likelihood that you’ll find yourself in a situation without it. Disposable wipes don’t count — they too will run out eventually. What we’re looking for is a permanent toilet paper substitute, and there is one that has worked during the entire history of man.

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  1. Barb

    What a silly thing to stress about. What did your great-great grandparents do? They had several dozen little wash cloths in a tidy pile that, once used, went in a bucket with a lid next to the "pot". The cloths are washed and sanitized, just like diapers.
    Really cheap wash cloths can be bought at K-Mart. When on sale they are around $2 the dozen. When dampened, they do a better job than paper anyway. Get a few dozen now. Put them up in space bags to keep them in good condition for when you may need them. Get a diaper pail with lid now, too. They can go in the garage attic together, just waiting.

  2. WiseCracker

    Bear and Rabbit were in the woods.
    Bear is answering nature's call (as well as the rhetorical question regarding if bears do, in fact poo in the woods) and asks Rabbit if he has a problem with poo sticking to his fur.
    Rabbit responds that he doesn't have a problem with poo sticking to his fur.
    Bear wipes his butt with Rabbit.

  3. Dustin

    Hillbilly method: corncobs
    Naturalist method: plant leaves

    As Barb mentions, many in the past have reused some sort of woven fabric, others have used some type of "disposable" organic material (leaves, bark, whatever). Some cultures simply take matters into their other hand…

  4. Survivalspot

    I'd prefer not to consider either option.. I'll be heading to Costco later to stock up on toilet paper. Of course it wouldn't hurt to scope out some of those soft leaves, those don't seem so bad.


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