Insanity of higher education

For years we have been told that in order to be successful in life is to go to school, get good grades, have a great degree and you are set for life. Looking around for the past few years, we instead see students graduating with degrees and settling for a job at a fast food restaurant or some big box retailer like WalMart. Mr. Jeffrey Tucker further discusses a solution for young people in this current economy.

Mr. Tucker suggests for young people to start volunteering to get the experience. Furthermore, this can allow you to explore other areas you may want to try out before settling down to a specific career or job. Another great benefit is by working for free, you are more passionate about the work because your motivation is not money but the passion behind the work you do. There are multiple ways to volunteer today; from local, domestic and international.

Personally, I have started looking into volunteering on organic farms around the world along with volunteering on off grid properties which promote sustainable living. This is not just a passion of mine but also the future that we all need to strive for. If we want to save this planet and ourselves, we must start looking at our own lives and making changes so as to become more happy people.

On a side note, young people need to open their eyes to the reality that is out there when it jobs to employment and education. Why are they still told to get a degree that will cost them $50,000 or $100,000 but the actual job doesn’t actually exists and instead they are forced to work odd jobs barely enough to live on. How will they even pay off their student loans? Isn’t this another financial trap to get these young people enslaved and working for money for the rest of their life.

Whatever happened to finding your passions and true calling in life? If money distorts this view, those young people will never have a taste of the real life, instead they will live a fabricated one based on delusional hopes. Read more about what is happening to new graduates.

When will be the time when we finally stop to think about the direction of our lives? Will it be when we are up to our eyeballs with debt or perhaps when we’re going to be living on the street?

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Casual blogger discussing personal finance and the conspiracy behind it. Currently, I am writing about survival and how to survive the coming collapse in our economy and world.

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  1. Tracy H.

    It has been my experience that when my children and I volunteer on a regular basis that we get to know people that have the time, interest and resources to hire. My now 16 year old daughter has had people coming to her wanting to pay her for jobs that they see her excel in while volunteering in her community. So not only is she gaining experience but she is also networking and learning what things she does well and then she seeks after those opportunities that will further allow her to become an expert in what she is interested in. I understand this is not always an option for everyone but it has been successful for us.

  2. swtsurvivalgurl

    I agree! Nowadays it's more about following the status quo and landing a job that pays decently than it is finding what truly moves you and allows you to make your mark on the world. Volunteering is an excellent way to discover what really motivates you and find your passion in life. Great post!

  3. Jane

    Great article!

    Not only is "higher education " overrated, but it trains people to be a wage slave.

    They start off thinking that they can not do anything without a good degree. Plus they have tons of pressure from our culture.

    Then they start going to collage while trying to work at the same time.

    The longer the degree the more it cost every year.

    The courses are harder, it is now impossible to pay for collage as you go.

    You have to get loans on top of loans just to make it through.

    When you finally get out of the collage concentration camp you have little to no experience actually doing what you have "learned" the whole time. You are behind 4 years in the real worlds working knowledge. You have a ton of debt and have a hard time getting hired because of a poor economy, bad carrier, or no experience etc. So you compromise..You get whatever you can so you can pay those loans putting life on hold and waisting more time away from your real vision.

    You get tired..Fed up with life.. Lonely, so you get married thinking it might add some spark to your life. Turns out your wife also went to collage and is in debt. You both are now frantically working at jobs you hate so you can pay off those debts and the new standard of having a home. Kids….Car breaks down…..House….. Furniture…..Refrigerator wears out……Need new washer……Bills, bills, bills….Debt, Debt, Debt. The life of a wage slave. The typical life of Americans bound to a socialist system.

    There was a man I know that used to hire for a huge corporation. He said his goal was to find out if the person was in much debt or not. He always hired the ones in the most debt because he said that he could get them to do 10X more than a person not in debt. Talk about slavery….People are slaves and they do not even know it!

    It is time to reinvent the education system.


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