Largest Tornado Outbreak on Record Leaves 45 Dead and Thousands Homeless

Most twisters from a single storm system ever recorded

  • 241 tornadoes in three days make up deadliest U.S. storm since February 2008
  • 22 deaths reported in North Carolina, six in Virginia, seven in Alabama, two in Oklahoma, seven in Arkansas and one in Mississippi
  • Hundreds of homes flattened and 200,000 without power in North Carolina
  • Forecasts say more violent storms are on the way

The 241 tornadoes that took the lives of 45 Americans and scythed a path of destruction through 14 states is the most violent storm on record.

Officials say it is the largest number of tornadoes to touch down from a single storm system since records began.

And, in a forecast that could spell further grief for residents in the Southern states, experts at AccuWeather predict that more violent storms are on the way.

The high winds and rain – and the possibility of more twisters – will undoubtedly hamper clean-up and rescue operations, and heap more misery on those who have already lost everything.

Rescue crews recovered the body of an eight-year-old as the U.S. struggled to come to terms with the devastation wreaked by three days of violent storms across the southern states which killed at least 45 people.

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