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Living to Work

I found this shocking article about the treatment of factory workers in China making computer parts, read it here.


Right when I was reading it, I started to ask a few questions:

Before I get into this further, watch this short video about human enslavement.

While I was blogging about money on my previous blog, I came to a simple conclusion. We have become a desire nation, who have not satisfied our basic human needs. Those needs are food, shelter and water not brand name clothing, luxury car or the latest gadget. I kept wondering, why everything we buy has turned into a desire, a want; not a basic need.

Is this a way to manipulate people by tapping into their sub conscious mind? That may be true, watch this documentary that discusses the history of advertising. As a consequence, if a disaster were to strike, not only do we not have our basic needs, we have no skills and knowledge because we have been accustomed to rely on others to provide service for us.

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