Locksmith Training Basics

Check out this great collection of videos to learn how to pick a lock. Survival Spot does not condone using these skills or practices illegally. In most states there are laws restricting sales of locksmith tools only to those who are licensed. However there may be situations where you need to know how to pick a lock for lawful means. These videos will teach you how to do that.

How Locks Work

Different Types of Locks

How to Pick a Deadbolt

How to Pick Padlocks

Tools of Locksmiths

How to Use a Lock Pick Gun

Locksmith Tools for Auto Lockouts

How to Secure a Door to Prevent Theft

High Cost of Locksmiths

Home Surveillance System Tips

DIY Home Security Tips

How to Rekey Mortise Cylinder Locks

How to Light Home to Prevent Theft

How to Theft Proof Windows

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