Make a 72 Survival Kit

Everybody should have the very basics at their home in the event of some kind of emergency or disaster situation. You can start getting prepared with little cost or effort. The easy option is of course to buy a survival kit but if you want some things that aren’t in the survival kits or you simply don’t have the money, you can build one yourself. Here are some basic things to put in your survival kit.

*For one person


-1 Case of bottled water or 1 gallon per day

-1 package of water purification tablets

-Water purifier (such as Katadyn, Brita or Berkey)

-Canteens or water bottles


-Energy / nutrition bars


-Canned foods

-Anything easy to eat, avoid candy or empty foods

-Food for your pets


-Any prescription medicines you need

-Basic Medical Kit


-Rubbing Alcohol

-Bandages & Gauze


-Solar cell phone charger

-2 way radios

-Signaling mirror

-Good am/fm radio



-1 or two good flashlights (Maglites are very reliable)

-Extra batteries

-1 electric lantern (LED is preferable but any kind will do)


-Matches and lighters


-Propane heater w/ extra propane tanks

-Extra blankets

-A good jacket

-Warm, clean socks




-Extra toothpaste and toothbrush


-Toilet Paper

-Baby wipes

Misc. Items

-Photocopies of your important documents (deeds, licenses, passports)

-Extra cash $100-500

-Duct tape and dust mask

-Fire extinguisher

Final Step

Once you have purchased some or all of the items you need, find a good container. Plastic containers are cheap and will suit your needs, or use a suitcase or backpack.

This resembles a basic survival kit for only a few days. If you are interested in having a longer supply of materials visit

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  1. Sue

    You have a very nice list here! For Hygiene I would add feminine supplies and for food Millennium bars are something you might want to consider as well.


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