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Pistol Shooting Stances (Video)

Learn the various pistol shooting stances from gun expert Lee Laster.

Lee Laster works in the public safety sector & has been a state certified firearms instructor for the past 6 years. He is also co-founder of a civilian/law enforcement-based training company.

How to Shoot a Gun with One Hand

How to Take the Weaver Pistol Shooting

How to Take the Isosceles Pistol Shooting Stance

How to Take the Low-High Pistol Shooting Stance

How to Take the Modified Weaver Pistol Shooting Stance

Learn the Proper Arm & Hand Positioning for Pistol Shooting

Learn the Proper Push-Pull Positioning for Pistol Shooting

How to Engage a Target When Shooting a Pistol

Learn the Stability Techniques for Shooting a Pistol

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