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  1. Spook45

    Very interesting; However, you should realize that TEOTWAWKI is not that far fetched. IT does fit within the paradigm of realisim. That is to say, that if we as a nation lost the power grid, or perhaps an EMP(which does not require a nuclear blast it can and has occured naturaly) life as we know it would virtually end and people would have to start over with what ever technology they had available. TEOTWAWKI is not always a referance to the end of the world, if the world ends then there will be no one to know anything. For example, just look at bad things got after Katrina, or the NY blackouts. After 3 days in NY w/out electricity things started to breakdown and get ugly, a few more days and could have been really bad. Not all survivalist types are crazy and most of the people here that use the TEOTWAWKI moniker, are not talking about the end of the world but instead mass change or drastic change that is beyond the current capability of the average individual.

  2. swtsurvivalgurl

    Great comment Spook – you make some really valid points. I couldn't agree more.


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