Portable Blenders

Ok, so maybe blenders aren’t a top priority in an emergency/EOTW situation.  But we should have “every needful thing” and let’s face it, sometimes we will want to blend things.  When it comes to off grid blenders you really only have two options;. the brand new Coleman Rechargeable  Portable Blender or the Vortex  Hand Powered Blender. While the Coleman would work a little bit better, for storage and self sufficiency the  Vortex wins hands down.

Coleman Rechargeable  Portable Blender

Coleman Rechargeable Portable Blender

Vortex Blender

vortex blender

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5 Responses

  1. grnt

    Interesting idea. I like the hand crank to save power.

  2. brad

    Had a vortex, it worked so poorly I took it back, don't waste your money

  3. Portable Blenders

    I haven't used the vortex one, but know that Coleman works a good deal. The fact that it is rechargeable is really interesting. This portable Coleman is perfect for hosting parties and gatherings almost anywhere or anytime. Only 30 seconds is required to make one 48-oz. pitcher of frozen drinks while camping, tailgating or relaxing in the backyard. And, fully charged batteries will provide enough power to fix 20 to 30 batches of one's favorite concoction. Push button on/off and five-LED battery life indicator make operation easy.

  4. blenders

    Such power saving system is really useful and it is worth to have it as it can really effect the electricity bill :)

  5. Angelia Crum

    Really a good blender with power saving option as well as containing latest technology.


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