Preparedness goes mainstream

It’s great that preparedness is receiving media coverage, like here. However, this isn’t anything new, at least for the few that have been self sufficient while the majority slowly turned the power over the someone else. That is, they were slowly convinced by others such as people, corporations, etc. that they will be taken care of in all aspects of life.

People saw we were experiencing good times and suddenly marketers started to sell us wants and desires instead of just basic needs. Instead of thinking logically, we started to think with out emotions and it ended up costing us big, financially. Now we have been suckered into this “American Dream” that we hope to achieve but that dream is slowly sinking away with every bad news that comes out on the news about the economy.

As i have said before, it’s great that we have all this luxury but if disaster hit, can we meet our basic needs? Can we survive on our own without the help of others. When I say others, I am not referring to other people, I am referring to companies, government; any group that has been providing us various services and products. This I think is the greatest danger to everyone, those that cannot take care of themselves when society collapses.

There isn’t much else to say about this, we have heard enough news on the media about the economy in the last 2 or 3 years and we are not heading into a recovery, instead it is a cover up leading us into a major disaster. It will be unfortunate for the many that choose not to change their current lifestyle and take the shackles off.

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Casual blogger discussing personal finance and the conspiracy behind it. Currently, I am writing about survival and how to survive the coming collapse in our economy and world.

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