Preparing for the World’s End

The Preppers movement is alive and kicking, here is a great video. Here is another great video with Gerald Celente, talking back about our nation going back to the good old days.


There is great information in the video above but from personal experience, there are a few priorities to consider.

  • Water
  • Warmth

These two are probably the highest of priority for most situations because you can go on without water for up to 3 days, while you can last without food for 3 weeks. Warmth is important because if your body is not warm, it cannot function properly and it will start to shut down.

The rest of the items needed to take into consideration are things such as food, protection, shelter, personal hygiene and small community. The mindset is to prepare yourself with what is most important to you assuming that  the worst case scenario happens where you are not about to go outside and buy anything. Assume that banks and stores will be closed, all public services downsized.

Certainly you don’t want to wait in line to see a doctor or get soup because the wait could be too long where you may die. It makes sense to prepare yourself ahead of time and not be caught in a bad situation when you least expect it.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best!

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Casual blogger discussing personal finance and the conspiracy behind it. Currently, I am writing about survival and how to survive the coming collapse in our economy and world.

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