Self-Test the Amount of Fluoride In Your Water

If you think Sodium Fluoride in your water is a good thing for your teeth…

If you have no idea what “concave” means…

If you think the federal government cares about and wants to protect you…

If you just don’t care about any of this…

…There’s a good chance Sodium Fluoride is in your water.

Here is a simple method you can use to test for or track the amount of Sodium Fluoride in your water.

First some basic information about Sodium Fluoride. It is a highly poisonous toxic industrial waste compound, usually from aluminum production, that is very hard to dispose of environmentally safe. Normally a big expense, and headache, for the industry creating this compound.

Our glorious protectors of the fatherland, the Nazi Party, has found a wise solution to this problem. In their effort to protect us from the Jewish scourge that is causing all our problems they have discovered Sodium Fluoride can be put in the concentration camp/gulag water making the detainees more easily handled and controlled. Sodium Fluoride induces apathy, listlessness, lower IQ and aggression and a general “mental fog”. This makes it much easier to get these menaces and enemies of the Fatherland to take a shower for example.

Seig Hei….

oh wait…

This is America today. I really have to get a grip on this space/time thing it can be so tricky sometimes.

Our glorious protectors of the Homeland, our federal government, has found a wise solution to this problem. They have discovered that Sodium Fluoride placed in the public water supply will improve our dental health. Now instead of a big expense and headache disposing of a highly poisonous and toxic industrial waste compound the industry actually makes money selling it to municipal public water providers at astronomical markup. All this just so we can have good teeth? Proof the federal government truly cares for and wants to protect us!

Here is a simple method that you can use at home every day to test/track your public water supply. Sodium Fluoride is a white powder that may be placed into your public water. Find a dark concave piece of glass, ceramic or plastic. Black would be best. The bottom of a coffee mug may be just the thing you are looking for here. Using the mug for an example place the mug on a flat well aired surface upside down, bottom up. Fill the concave bottom with water from your public water supply tap. Then let it evaporate. This may take a moment patience here. If you have Sodium Fluoride in your water a white powdery residue can be easily observed after the water has evaporated. In addition you should be able to get a good sense of how much of this powder, if any, is in your water.

To get a good track of the amount in the water perform the same test at the same time with the same amount of water every day. I have personally discovered that the amount can vary widely. Wildly might be more accurate.

Left sample is filtered water, right sample is public water.

If you think Sodium Fluoride in your water is a good thing for your teeth…

If you have no idea what “concave” means…

If you think the federal government cares about and wants to protect you…

If you just don’t care about any of this…

…There’s a good chance Sodium Fluoride is in your water.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. We pay them with our tax money to build an expensive facility to collect and clean our drinking water. Then deliver the safe clean water through a public water system for us to drink. Yet just before they pump it out after cleaning it up they inject a highly poisonous toxic industrial waste compound into the water? They poison the water that we just paid them to clean up? We pay them to poison our water? All this tax money I paid to get clean water I have to spend several hundred dollars to install a water filtration systemin my house to take the poison out of the water? They are intentionally “drugging” the public water with a known poison in which there is absolutely no control of the dosage amount?

Yes, that is exactly correct. So what, who cares?


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87 Responses

  1. Russ

    a few more "facts for you…

    the white residue aint fluoride, its hard water spots….

    also, "highly poisonous and toxic industrial waste" can be said about the chlorine that kills all the bugs in the water so you dont die from dysentery…

    then google "british teeth"

    then find some one old enough to remember before we had fluoride in the water and tooth paste and ask them how many cavities they and there friends and family's had…

    • Mark

      Oh yes, marvelous teeth. That is a good trade for damage to my brain. By the way, if it is in the toothpaste why do I need to drink it? Also, fluoride does not help your teeth. It actually causes dental pitting. Also statistics do not support fluoride use. One has to go back so far to find a difference that it was before people regularly brushed their teeth anyway.

      • rebecca

        WOW! I don’t want my baby to have dental issues. is there a legitimate website that says anything about sodium fluoride being bad? Our pediatrician just prescribed it at our 6 month old appt. today :/

      • James

        This is stunning. I’m actually a dentist, and every single study I’ve seen relating to fluoride shows that it increases the strength of the enamel of the tooth, not causes pitting. I suggest you take a look at a few studies for yourself, not just go on hearsay. It replaces some of the other molecules in your teeth, strengthening, protecting against sensitivity and actually also whitening!

        Further, the vast, vast majority of compounds form white powders. Calcium carbonate, for example, is a white powder. It is also one of the many that can cause hard water.

        Educate yourself people, don’t let yourselves be swept up by fearmongering.

      • Fluorideisntthecauseforyourbraindamage

        Fluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in virtually all waters. It is present in seawater at levels between 1.2 to 1.4 mg/L and in surface waters from 0.1 to over 1.0 mg/L, and can be found in some ground water over 10 mg/L.

      • Jan

        James The Dentist:
        I am pretty sure you know the “natural” version of flouride is the “calcium flouride”. We get our facts not solely from hearsays from but from our own individual research. There is always an amount of truth from every fiction story if you care and are curious enough to know you’ll find the answers no matter what. Be open-minded Sir. Let’s not have our profession/career or status in life define our personal credibility towards learning from the reality and what lies behind.

    • @OnlineSportsRus

      Russ your a total idiot. It is a proven fact that sodium floride is poison. Just go to lowes and look at any given rat poison and guess what, sodium floride is listed there. If you think Flouride is good for you then you have been drinking way to much to where your IQ is so low I am not even sure how you logged on the internet to even respond to this article.

      • Foo.Bar

        Yes, and the chlorine that is put in water to kill bacteria as well kills people and damages your brain. In low levels, it’s harmless. The same applies to fluoride.

      • Adam

        Hi, good to see people that are awake, do you know how to test for fluoride?

      • Christ Almighty America

        By that logic, water is poisonous because it’s in everything. Who knows, the water might be in the sodium fluoride. Everyone who has consumed water dies.

    • charlotte

      "then find some one old enough to remember before we had fluoride in the water and TOOTH PASTE" (emphasis mine)

      Your point?? Most people also brush their teeth regularly now; if you want fluoride, you've got it, in abundance. I do not want to be drugged without my permission. The public water supply should not contain drugs, period. It's really as simple as that.

    • RObert

      Russ, I'm 60 and I've lived the same place, in an area that never had fluoride in the water. I haven't had a cavity since second grade. My nephews and nieces have never had cavities.

      I would rather have a chance at a cavity than to have bone problems. Just ask the millions worldwide that have skeletal fluorosis if they would rather have it or some cavities. I bet you can guess at the answer.

      In 2006, skeletal fluorosis was identified by the US National Research Council (NRC) as an adverse effect that needs to be considered by the EPA when lowering the maximum safe level of fluoride in water. In addition to skeletal fluorosis, the National Research Council's 2006 landmark review of fluoride toxicity also expressed concern about fluoride's ability to decrease bone strength and increase the risk of fractures.

      There are tribes in Africa that chew on certain native bark and cavities are rare.

      Sorry Russ but you can keep your flouride to yourself.

      • debbie

        There’s a reason children’s toothpaste doesn’t have fluoride and some has less than adult version. There’s also a reason holistic toothpaste does not have fluoride. I never gave my kids those prescribed fluoride vitamins and our water does not have fluoride. None of us have any cavities!

    • DrH

      The same guy who put led in petrol endorsed flouride in the water Robert Keough and its bin proven to give rats ADHD in tests think of all the kids who now have that wasn the same 70 or 80 years ago

    • Steven Wilga


    • Don S

      If you’re worried about your teeth rotting out do a daily oil pull with coconut oil and brush your teeth with a baking soda and peroxide mixture. I have a friend who is now 45 and has done this routine since she was a child and not one cavity ever her whole life and she is a candy junkie. It brightens, whitens and strengthens your teeth from inside out. Fluoride is not good for you any way you want to look at it period.

    • Damien

      European countries that have removed fluoride from their water show NO deterioration of dental health.

    • justin

      What do you think hard water is exactly. Unless it’s frozen it’s never hard, but nevermind the contradictionary term, hard water stains are the residue left behind from minerals AND CHEMICALS in the water. Chemicals like fluoride.

    • Dave Spang

      To the author:You’re either stupid or intellectually dishonest. May I ask how you are so certain that the evaporites produced by your highly technical test are “sodium fluoride?” Wanna explain how you KNOW that said “white powder is somehow pure fluoride? What about just plain sodium, calcium, or any of the other myriad materials in municipal water?

      You are so utterly wrong regarding so many aspects of your “article” I’d suggest anyone considering utilizing any advice you offer, regardless of topic. Not to mention the FACT (if you don’t know what a fact is…) that there’s no reason to go through all the hassle and expense of your rigorous scientific testing method. All one needs to do is simply contact their water provider and ask if they fluoridate. They will readily answer, and will provide the results of their legally required, regularly performed testing. Seeing as how the common belief is that fluoridation is a good thing, there’s no reason for any fluoridatin’ mfers to lie or hide it! Readily available, willingly provided data based on genuinely accurate testing can be obtained MUCH more quickly than the “moment” you state it takes for the water in the bottom of an overturned coffee mug to evaporate! If you don’t know what moment means…

      Just to be clear, I’m 100% opposed to fluoridation. While fluoride does strengthen teeth when applied topically (not by “replacing molecules as a dentist hilariously stated in his comments here”) there is very little evidence that it does so when ingested.

      Hey, at least you got one thing right. DRINKING FLUORIDE BAD!

      • madison

        I’m not sure how old your comment is, but fluoride DOES replace a molecule in hydroxyapatite (HA). HA is what makes up the hardness of enamel on your teeth, and while you develop teeth as a child, fluoride substitutes in for hydroxide (OH) which make enamel strong, this is a naturally occurring process. Large amounts are not indicated for children, since during development this can mess up developing enamel, but water does not have amounts that make it possible to do this. Adults can re-mineralize their teeth during their lifetime by having good topical contact with fluoride often (toothpaste, water, etc.). So don’t knock that educated dentist for being CORRECT, that yes, fluoride does substitute hydroxide in enamel.

    • Anon

      Show me one study that proves your theory.

  2. Nate

    Wow russ, i feel better. I'm going to go get some vaccines, drink some fluoride, injest some aspartame and watch american idol. You?

  3. Wisdomgiveslife

    wow Russ…when you get flouride treatments at the dentist, they make you spit it out. They don't want you to ingest it…WAIT doesn't it say that on the side of the toothpaste also, do not swallow…hmmm. and those folks who had no cavities from their poison water, I wonder what physical problems they may have had in thier nervous, digestive, reproductive, respiratory, circulatory sytems…what did they die of/ what was their quality of life?
    By the way people who are informed about flouride are probably informed about chlorine and don't drink it either. I cannot believe you thought you were gonna get away with that ridiculous comment…..

  4. ante fluor

    just a quick note – fluoride causes STERILITY – drink up all you good old boys who are making fun . within one generation the planet wil be relieved or your weight!

    • guest

      I grew up with flouridated water. I'm 36, have no cavities, and two children.

      • Mark

        Yes and my grandfather lived to be 90 smoking two packs a day. Guess cigarettes are good for me!

      • Tina

        Well the reason I stumbled upon this conversation is because I’ve been drinking tap water and there is floride in the tap water in my region. Anyway I noticed that I can feel a lump in my throat every time I drink the tap water here so I asked Siri if tap water effects the thyroid. I was forwarded to a site that said floride and chlorine (both of which are in my tap water) do effect the thyroid.
        I also made a trip to the dentist recently for a cleaning and the young Hygienist that was cleaning my teeth learned in school that fluoride does not affect the body at all and promotes fluoride treatments. He also did not recommend baking soda toothpaste because he said it was abrasive. I’ve also heard that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. From the research I’ve done, I’ll choose to stay away from floride where I can.

  5. anne

    They should banned people that do not understand science. First of all if you really are interested in determining the amount of Flouride in drinking water go read a chemistry textbook. The white residue after evaporation could be Calciu from limestone in the water. There are over 1,000's of white powders in the world and some are found in water. For example the many types of salts found in ocean water. In addition Flouride is needed to keep us healthy. The concentrations are in the ppm (basically trace amounts). This kind of article shows how science education is lacking across this country. I urge people to educate themselves on environmetal science and water treatment before posting such comments on the Internet.

    • Infowarrior1776

      Anne: The EPA is backpedaling and lowering the amount by alomst half due to health hazards. Besides that admission let us employ a bit of common sense. You claim mere trace amounts. How much do you consume or come into contact to daily. How could you ever control dose? It is even marketed to infants for formula who consume mostly water and a staggering amount relative to adults. You are clueless and most likely fearful of the dreadful truth. Sticking your head in the sand only exposes your ass.

      EPA backing it up and dropping it like its hot:

      It kills mice

      It is more toxic than the lead chips you probably also consumed as a kid

      I urge you to educate yourself and find the courage to face down whats really going on.

      • DoomedinUSA

        Anne doesn't want to know the truth, why do you think she wants a ban on those who "don't understand" science like she does apparently knowing that ppm of flouride is "necessary" for our health as humans without citing one source or article. Government talking point much? Where are her citations and sources? That's right, she won't have any because there aren't any to cite.

      • Joey R

        Quite possibly the least credible sources.

        No shit it's going to kill rats. The fact that, for example, 5 mg of some substance may kill a rat, a human is likely to tolerate 5 mg, assuming it's not that neurotoxic of a substance. That said, you feed a rat and human the same amount of flouride, of course the flouride is more likely to kill the rat. That doesn't mean we're not able to digest and discard various forms of flouride.

        Your "proof" isn't proof. In the diagram it literally says "4k part per billion." Not even parts per million.
        4 ppm isn't shit, and will not effect our body unless massive amounts are consumed. There are few people I know that drink over 3 gallons of straight tap water a day.

      • charlotte

        "4 ppm isn't ****, and will not effect our body unless massive amounts are consumed."

        No effect, huh? Than why are they adding it at all?

    • @OnlineSportsRus

      Flouride is a poison you fool. Look on any label of rat poison moron and you will find it there as well. it has been well documented for over 70 years that it is used as poisons for both pests and humans. If you think it prevents cavities your an idiot.

    • Robert

      Drink Kool aid much? Flouride is healthy for you? Are you serious? Its proven by multiple studies including Harvard to be detrimental to your health. It causes cancer, lowers IQ and causes many other illnesses. You are simply regurgitating what you learned in public learned schools. Your rant had no scientific validity. Perhaps you my friend should read a science book!

    • Amit

      Anne: Fluoride is bad ,
      For one thing it calcifies the pineal gland of your brain-
      That one gland which is responsible for your daily health..the mysterious gland has been linked to even intelligence factor of your brain..and the one which makes you active, when required.
      Pineal gland functions are still in research, but u can identitfy its use by this simple sattement, that it JOINS the two halves of your brain and is the central portion of it, and FLUORIDE CALCIFIES IT :)

    • Derk


      9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB.

    • Dave Spang

      I wanted so badly to be on your side, bonded by a love for science, but then you wrote “In addition Flouride is needed to keep us healthy” thereby irreparably damaging my visions of alliance!

      Fluoride is neither nutrient nor necessity for maintenance of one’s health, even dental health. It is entirely possible to be perfectly healthy tip to toe without ever ingesting artificially added or topically applied fluoride. The latter does strengthen teeth surfaces but is not necessary if other protocols are followed.

  6. CyberCynic

    Don't breathe or drink any water from anywhere Wisdom. Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral present in all plants, animals, air, water and soil everywhere on the planet… yes EVERYWHERE!!! Aaaaaaaargh – we are doomed.. DOOOOOOMED!

    • Kristin

      Yes, there is naturally occurring fluoride but the fluoride in our water is not the naturally occurring fluoride. It's man made fluoride. This scenario is SLIGHTLY similar to butter and margarine. Butter is better :) and margarine has been tampered with more and is harder to breakdown. I think things should be more simple. Like in the good old days when you worried about yourself and didn't have to worry about the government DECIDING what was best for you. Whenever that was….

    • DoomedinUSA

      So is Mercury and lots of plant toxins, animal poisons, gasoline etc. etc. I don't eat them though. Is that what the news and science class is claiming these days? It's been a while since I've been in a government run school and I am sincerely curious where you learned that naturally occurring substances automatically are deemed unequivocally 100% safe for human consumption.

    • Bob

      Calcium Fluoride is naturally occurring but Sodium Fluoride isn't and that is the man made chemical that is being argued about here as it's added to our drinking water. Also just because a chemical is naturally occurring doesn't necessarily make it safe for human consumption. Uranium Ore is naturally occurring but I wouldn't want that in my drinking water.

      • Andreyma

        Thanks Bob, for conveying the information about naturally occurring Calcium Fluoride, – I just thought I’d return the favor by clarifying the chemistry of the artificial form which you refer to as Sodium Fluoride, – It’s actually also known more specifically as SodiumSilico Fluoride. There are probably all sorts of artificial or man-made fluoride based compounds, but the other main-stream one that comes to mind is Hexafluorosilicic Acid. These 2 poisons are the most likely to be put into public water supplies, and are obtained by processing phosphate rock with Sulfuric Acid, which renders the naturally occurring fluoride compounds; Silicon-Tetra Fluoride and Hydrogen Fluoride into vapors, which get caught in vents with wet scrubbers installed. These chemicals then get removed from the “vent-scrubbers” to be processed further into the two chemical-poisons mentioned further above. The phosphate rock is utilized for use in agriculture, because of the various mineral compounds that posses fertilizing potential, where as the fluoride minerals are just merely waste products to be sold down the line to the whores and snakes who purport to be so concerned about your health, dental hygiene and water sanitation.

    • Jancy

      I can’t believe that people without any knowledge can respond like total idiots!! Sadly we have to feel so, so sorry for them. Fluoride has started affecting their brains. The governments are winning. I and my family and friends never drink tap water and so don’t ever visit the doctor. We have distillers in our homes and carry our pure water to work. Remember there is no profit in health. A sick society keeps the doctors busy!!

  7. water purification

    Corroded color water was coming from the water system identified this problem. They are also reasonable at price. I also put forward in support of this company. Their water purification is the best.

  8. wale

    i am working on geospatial analysis of fluoride in groundwater, i will appreciate if anyone can give me a comprehensive literature on the source and how to really test for the conc. of the fluoride in groundwater. pls. email me on [email protected]

  9. Zakaryah

    Russ is clearly sprinkling fluoride on his fruit loops in the morning

  10. David

    I know that that white residue can very well not be Sodium Flouride, but it could be as i learned, Sodium Choride (Table Salt). There are other ways to test if it is Sodium Chloride though, i'm not sure however about Sodium Floride, also these other tests will not be able to be tested at home but in a lab. It could also more likely be sodium cloride as it is a naturally occuring substance and water being a great solvent, is more likely to disolve the salt once it comes into contact with it. This would also explain why there was no white residue in the filtered water because all salts would be removed. To summarise, this isn't a very accurate test as there are a lot of assumptions to be considered.

  11. paul

    If you want fluoride free water & toothpaste and don't want cavities then stop eating junk food.

  12. Ian

    To clarify, CALCIUM fluoride is the naturally occurring, sodium fluoride is the bi product and the type they put in our water. For those who say "well it is only trace amounts", 1ppm = 1mg/liter Which is what is recommended. With people saying drink 2liters per day that is an automatic 2mg. The cattle, chicken and pigs you eat also drink this water. The plants you and the livestock eat…..watered with this water. Most fish we eat come from farms as well, they live in it. Not sure on how well it absorbs through skin, have not looked into it, but you also shower in this water. I would assume it is safe to say you would ingest 5mg/day normally. Fluoride has no benefits to your teeth when it is in your stomach, the only possible benefit it has is by touching your teeth, and now even the EPA are saying there are more problems with it touching your teeth than there are benefits. sorry for the wall, I digress.

  13. Joe

    Did you know natural water has more fluoride than our tap water?

    As in, in many locations in the ocean, various seas, ect all contain a higher concentration of fluoride than is used in our water supply.

    • skurple

      Yes we did thanks but what does that have to do with people putting it in on purpose those water sources are not drinkable idiot..

      • Rob

        We don't drink straight from the sea, moron.

    • Andreyma

      Joe –

      How do you claim to know this? – cite your sources please, or it will be assumed that you are talking babble only so as to misinform.

  14. Dan R

    There has been flouridated tap water in most major cities for 50 years. Essentially it amounts to the largest and longest-term human trial of a drug in history, so I'd say the results are in. Are hundreds of millions of Americans suffering from clinical cases of "apathy, listlessness, lower IQ and aggression and a general “mental fog”? Come on. Stop learning all your conspiracy theory facts from nutjob websites.

    • charlotte

      "Are hundreds of millions of Americans suffering from clinical cases of "apathy, listlessness, lower IQ and aggression and a general “mental fog”?"

      Yes. Maybe you don't talk to enough people. It seems everyone is on a prescription medication of one sort or another; my entire generation is defined primarily by its apathy.

      Did you ever read "Flowers For Algernon"? You know how the main character didn't realize that his own IQ was previously low until his IQ was raised to at least average? Maybe you don't notice the dumbing down because you're a victim, yourself.

    • Natalie

      The answer to your question is YES! There is a BIG difference between american population and population of people that come from Europe for example (where fluoridation is banned).
      I was born and raised in Europe and what striked me the most, after coming here, was the " apathy, listlesness, lower IQ, and mental fog" of Americans.
      The Nazi used fluoride in death camps to make people docile, naive and easy to control… It looks like America picked the same route, and it is working!!!!
      People here are believing in everything The Government, TV, internet, newspapers say… They are unable to think by themselves.
      They tell you it is healthy and that your body needs it, and you think " wow, they care about us so much" when the truth is -it is a toxic industrial waste, highly dangerous, and utilization cost is high, so instead of paying for utilization why not dump it in the water and tell people it is good for them….

      • Andreyma

        I think its not so much about time to tell the government anything, cause it’s not like they will listen anyway, especially since poisoning the mass populace is not happening as a mere sequence of accidents – It’s more like time to disconnect from public utilities and invest in a silo-tank or cistern. Why depend on public utilities and services, if you can simply function as a grass-roots cooperative association of communities and neighborhoods that build their own infra-structure independently and tax free !?.

    • Matt

      "Are hundreds of millions of Americans suffering from clinical cases of "apathy, listlessness, lower IQ and aggression and a general “mental fog”?"

      Um… Yes. Absolutely. Do you actually NOT think they are?

      I can't even believe you typed this. You essentially just made the case for the author here.

  15. Ken

    People who fail to study history are doomed to repeat the same mistakes that should have been learned. The NAZIS being EVIL did not spend money for nothing drugging the death camp victims. They had good reasons for doing so, so do those placing this drug into our drinking water today. Think about it!

  16. Matthew

    Granted, this method of measuring fluoride in your water is stupid. But to say the "results are in" on the 50-year human trial of drinking fluoride in water is no better.
    Are hundreds of millions of Americans suffering from clinical cases of "apathy, listlessness, lower IQ and aggression and a general “mental fog”?
    Uh, Yes. Well not all, but probably a hell of a lot. And since most people would have been drinking it since birth they wouldn't know any different, and these things take time to build up, and manifest themselves differently in different people. The very fact that this is a drug they started giving to nearly EVERYONE with no control subjects meant it was going to be impossible to tell anything from this so-called 50-year human trial.

    And to Russ' point – the number of teeth cavities in the population was already steadily going down before fluoridation. Fluoride toothpaste and water has made no difference to that trend.

    In a country that only cares about your health and wellbeing if you can pay for it, they're not just going to start drugging your water because it's good for your teeth, are they?

  17. Ben

    Yeah I thought the white residue is calcium or magnessium or some other water hardness contributing element, which isn't actually bad for you, it could be the fluoride too, but I think to be sure you'd need to purchase some sort of testing kit or electronic fluoride tester. There's a newer type of fluoride now though called, hydrofluorosilicic acid not sure if that one has to be detected differently.

  18. jojo

    Take the Blue pill or the Red pill hmmmm.

  19. Bruce Bruceson

    As far as I'm concerned, Australia has been fluoridising their water for 86 years and no-one has ever been hospitalised for bone fluoridistaion. Sucks to be you America. God bless you all!

    • Sairs

      wrong, the first town in australia to introduce fluoride to the water was in 1953 in Beaconsfield in Tasmania.

  20. Sura

    Hey Bruce Bruceson, you really keep track of the health of every australian? Well, those criminal genes must be strong ones!

  21. JoeHealth

    Who cares if flouride has some marginal health benefits. Fluoridation policy is totalitarianism. If we live in a free country, the bottom line is choice. We shouldn't be forcing people to drink it. That's not the job of municipalities. Advocate it all you want, but don't force others to ingest it by dumping it into the water supply. If you want to eat fluoride or use it for your own reasons, you are free to do so without putting it in public water. Treat your own water. Treat your teeth with daily rinses. Crusade it to others if you want, but let them make their own decisions about their own health.

    • Mike Hanson

      What you said makes so much sense!! What business has government mandating that anyone drink fluoridated water? None at all. Why fluoridate my front lawn, the car I wash, my laundry etc? And yes, this sort of thing ties in very nicely with measures like Agenda 21. If something is so beneficial, let it be voluntary.

  22. Mdf

    This is absurd! I live in a place that is naturally fluoridated to recommended government levels. Drinking this water, I fell no mental drawbacks, I've never once had a cavity (and I drank WAY too much soda as a kid without brushing regularly). Have I had these horrible health disorders you're all talking about? No! In fact, I'm the sixth generation to have completed medical school in the top of my class. You are all fighting a battle in which nobody will ever admit they're wrong. There are going to be more extremists who favor and oppose than there will ever be people just saying, "okay." If you argue it isn't the governments right to fluoridate our water than how is their right to add anything at all to our water. Why don't they say, "we are stopping the purification in your area. If you would like clean water, sanitize it yourself."? The answer is 50% of you would die of some bacterial infection. Use your brain and stop wasting your time arguing like preschool children.

    • Andreyma


      Are you sure that you are not an actor, rather than a doctor? You certainly don’t articulate like you are – for everything you just said, I can disprove with simple common-sense. Haven’t you ever heard about public works facilities that boil outgoing supply? – It’s done in the tropics all the time, or where ever it’s practical to make use of desalinization. Furthermore, as a so-called doctor, it should be basic to you that we have something called an immune system for a reason – , which negates having to unnecessarily poison ourselves by dumping chemicals into water supplies – particularly when they can do more harm cumulatively than any pathogen, as one can simply build up an immunity against these. Do you need any further proof or research beyond why it was used and what happened in the Nazi death camps? If you are half-way any where near the caliber of a doctor and not some quack, then you ought to realize that this should speak for itself. By the way, think about why only tourists get sick when they drink the water in Mexico, but not the natives – hopefully this doesn’t confuse you – just use your common sense and get out of denial.

  23. Jeff

    The point is intent. Which chemicals are used to clean and kill bacteria and which are used to medicate, doctor? Where else is a toxic waste bi-product used as a "so called" benefit. I have yet to see a direct answer to this question. Neither the naturally occurring Fluoride or a therapeutic form is used in our water. Even if it were, the warning on the toothpaste tube is pretty clear. Call poison control if ingested more than used for brushing.

  24. Concerned

    I think the main issue is that people are not happy to be drugged without their consent. It would not matter if water was drugged with the elixir of life that kept us forever young, if it is against our consent then it is wrong. We have a right to drink what nature intended us to drink, and put what we want into it ourselves.

  25. Added

    Sorry for double posting, but I would also have concerns about the build up of fluoride in water systems, this may be a naturally occurring chemical, but it is also being produced via an industrial process, ie, the amount of fluoride on a global level is being increased by intervention of industry. This may result in a build up on a global level that would then result in levels of fluoride in the natural environment becoming higher that is safe. As has already been mentioned, a safe level is what we might ingest in a reasonable amount of water that we drink each day, however what impact is this constant addition of fluoride having on marine life, on freshwater fish, on the intake of water into plantlife. All of these impacts would then return through the food chain into our bodies, and hence increase the levels to far higher than recommended, if this is the case, then it is hardly needed for any more fluoride to be added to water, as we will probably be ingesting it for several decades anyway via our food.

    From what I can read, it is only a relatively rarely occurring mineral filter of activated aluminum, that will remove fluoride from water, so the chances of this happening in the natural world, in field runoff, or in river systems and so on, are very small. Fluoride would remain in our water system until it reaches the sea, being ingested by all and any who encounter it along the way. Fluoride is not passed out of water through evaporation, but rather remains in the kettle, or still, it is only the evaporated water that is free of it, so this would imply that as rainwater is produced via evaporation from the sea, that rainwater would be free of fluoride, but the levels in the sea must be very very high indeed. Have any companies tested sea caught fish to check their fluoride levels?

  26. ghoulade

    American listlessness/apathy/brain fog, etc. comes from a variety of sources: Shit food (pesticide laden and omnipresent GMOs and glyphosates), a flawed food pyramid, over-reliance on fast foods including grocers reconstituted box foods, feedlot beef/pork/chicken riddled with antibiotics, sedentary entertain-me lifestyle, “smart meters”, cell phones and living in a wi-fi soup, way too much TV and videos, atmospheric aerosols, a big pharma induced epidemic drug-reliant “ask-your-(minion)-doctor” culture. Many people get most of their fluids from caffeine laced “energy drinks”, crap juices (including reconstituted “natural” orange juice) and sodas (high fructose corn syrup) or drink store bought water containing pseudo estrogen BPA (of which there are many) which also resides in canned foods, especially tomatoes and the ink in cashier receipts. Drink from a well? Hope you’re not in the aquifer of a toxic dump site or fracking operation. Even without the fluoride it’s a wonder we’re not dead yet.

    • Andreyma

      Amen! I know for a fact, l couldn’t of said this any better myself – but to tell you the truth, I don’t think I could even come close – We definitely need to see more comments like yours!

  27. Pete

    Survival Spot was obviously created by a paranoid conspiracy theorist who clearly has no clue about toxicology, and no doubt also believes in chemtrails, that the moon is a hologram, and every other crackpot idea they can find on the internet. Must be pretty unpleasant to live such a miserable life full of fear. Enjoy your rotten teeth.

    • simeon Heath-moss

      haha that’s the pot calling the kettle black! moon holograms? what part of your rectum did you pull that out of when looking at this website? show me WHERE he says anytyhing like that?

      type dental fluorosis in to Wikipedia, then research the effect of fluoride on the thyroid for someone who is reacting and shouting the mantra ‘conspiracy theorist!’ they have been programmed to whenever you criticise the prevailing status quo and then saying ‘well no doubt this person believes in…’ and then goes on to list nonsense like holographic moons (waa? show me ONE mention here about ‘holographic moons’ on this website), how on earth can you go from the fact that excessive fluoride is bad for you to moon holograms???

      and how on earth can it be properly dosed when the tea plant and cups of tea are very high in fluoride and many people drink ONLY tap water and tea, it’s an un-dosed amount of a substance that in excess causes dental fluorosis, hypothyroidism and pituitary gland hardening as i showed above, that’s not debated, expect by industries paid to flog fluoride then give the government fudged data on it like the dental industry that sells tonnes of fluoride by the day, jumping from fluoride being bad (see my web md and other articles about hypothyroid syndromes caused by fluoride which affect metabolism and expulsion of toxins which…wait for it…slow down your body and brain function because your brain is floating in a soup of everything put into your body) to frickin holographic moons then calling the author illogical is quite a feat of mental gymnastics, and i think many people who question this endless stream of lied by mainstream media and governments (governments that have claimed that Afghanistan and Iraq had ‘something to do with 9/11, when it was 19 Saudi hijackers, then wmd’s despite the UN not authorising force due to lack of evidence then were left with just ‘well he’s bad and we don’t like him’ and then to top it off shelled Iraq with something far worse than chemical weapons namely depleted uranium!!! you won’t find anyone in Iraq who can have children without massive birth defects any more and that stuff has a huge half-life, tell me again how that WASN’T a conspiracy again?



      noun, plural conspiracies.
      the act of conspiring.
      an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
      a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose:
      He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
      Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
      any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.’

      now there are millions of people convicted all over the world for conspiracy to commit… and did two or more people plot to break international war to invade iraq? yes, yes they did, so tell me again why these things are ‘just theories’ about the existence of conspiracies? the problem with people who believe everything they’re told is they are often unwilling to believe that ANY conspiracies ever occur! when in fact there’s f’ing thousands of them

      by the way that moon stuff is from david icke who packages real information and hard won research that you can look up yourself from declassified documents, think tank, foundation and government and UN minutes, white papers and published agendas like agenda 21 which takes over most of the land of western countries for the UN so we are forced to live in UN mandated ‘human habitat areas’ then spins yarns off in to reptiles!

      he also is not claiming the moon is separately a hologram but that all reality is, but he does point out that the moon should not be the size it is and many physicists have found when the NASA probes have struck the moon that it could very well be hollow, it’s also far too large for a solid satellite and SHOULD create huge super tsunami’s and all kinds of odd things and when NASA probes have accidentally hit the moon the whole thing vibrated as if it were hollow for 40 minutes or so, i’ve read the transcripts of many NASA moon projects and this is true, he speculates as to the contents of the moon however.

      • Mike Hanson

        Good post bro. While there are a lot of fanciful theories floating around, is also a lot of evidence of a gigantic conspiracy that has been working for a long time. The history of the world is a history of continual conspiracies. For a good example of how one operates on a more-or-less national level, look at Brazil and what the party in power has done. Or even better, look at Venezuela. “Socialismo O Muerte”

  28. my name

    If you want to hear from an old man about fluoride and my teeth here you go.
    Sorry for the bad breath but at least I have ALL my teeth!!
    Another 70 yo friend of mine also does NOT drink the tap water or brush his teeth with tooth paste. He ALSO has ALL his teeth.
    I hope this helps you to justify your brite white “Chiclets”.. Or not!

  29. simeon Heath-moss

    i’ve studied clinical pharmacology for some while, let’s dispel a few myths from posters here:

    1)i am British and we have fluoridated tap water, fluoride in our toothpaste, mouth wash all sorts, however up to the age of 16 our dental care is under the NHS then afterwards partly state subsidised, as you may have noticed whenever the government takes over any free market business medicine included everything goes to hell for many reasons, many are so used to the inefficiencies of the state blindly redistributing other peoples money everywhere that they forget just how efficient the free market is.

    Competition makes everyone involved streamline all useless departments, always provide high quality for a lower price and so do away with (as many doctors have pointed out in government funded hospitals) giant waiting lists, procedures are charged to insurance companies in the US under the ‘affordable care act’ 10 times what they cost to perform but with no competition and patient oversight and itemisation of costs who’s counting?

    Entire floors of admin that do pretty much nothing (if they’re being paid whatever they do at a teat of infinite money who’s there to point out that none of this is needed?), doctors spend less time staying up to date with recent medical discoveries, many doctors, dentists etc use the admin and bureaucratic apparatus to extort as much money from this system as possible ( see doctors under the affordable care act pricing individual aspirin at $100 and claiming refunds because they ‘only’ charged $90).

    i could name many more excesses and exploitation of state controlled endeavours but you get the point; result massive inefficiencies, corner cutting, jobs for life and unless you accidentally knock someone’s teeth out with a crochet hammer you won’t get fired.

    i remember my state funded dentists as a child, each new government dentist (you cannot choose which dentist you get as no state healthcare will ever be particularly customer centred as the patients have no say in whether and how much they get paid for a good or bad job) would not read my notes and not see that i have high natural tolerance to pretty much all pharmaceuticals, psychoactives and even poisons so i often would not get sufficient anaesthetic, i would have teeth removed for no earthly reason, many dentists would ignore obvious cavities and they will not do what many US dentists do like teeth scraping, teeth whitening etc in fact dentists are so unpleasant and uncaring about adequate anaesthetic many simply do not go because it’s just too painful.

    Hence ‘British teeth’ whatever that means have nothing to do with fluoride and i’ve been to the US and everyone’s teeth looked like mine many worse with the amount of wine and coffee they drink, the only people i have seen with perfectly inline gleaming white teeth are rich celebrities

    2) fluoride is ultimately not even good for your teeth it’s BAD for them, babies included why?

    very simple biology, your bones are supposed to be made of CALCIUM and teeth are bones with an enamel coating and nerves, fluoride is taken in to the body and it so closely mimics calcium that it will be disturbed to your bones which makes them brittle and in bones can cause many brittle bone problems and the very real condition ‘dental fluorosis’: where so much fluoride has replaced the calcium in your teeth, has made them brittle and poorly formed:

    Dental fluorosis (also termed mottled enamel). is hypomineralization of tooth enamel caused by ingestion of excessive fluoride during enamel formation.

    It appears as a range of visual changes in enamel causing degrees of intrinsic tooth discoloration. The severity of the condition is dependent on the dose, duration and age of the individual during the exposure. In the mildest form (which is the most common) there are faint white lines or specks. Slightly more severe cases appear as white mottled patches, while severe fluorosis is characterized by brown discoloration and brittle, pitted and rough enamel.

    Barring the most severe cases, teeth with fluorosis are relatively resistant to dental caries (tooth decay), although they may be of potential cosmetic concern.

    see severe cases of dental fluorosis here:

    also the European commission has found absolutely NO benefit in fluoridating water compared to its topical use in toothpaste and mouth wash, as you’ll read above depending on how much tap water you drink, how much of this stuff is put in your water and many other things it IS un-dosed, unsupervised mass medication by definition.

    also ask any neurologist you have calcium channels in your brain too as well as the pact that thyroid function can be disrupted by fluoride as well:

    ‘WEDNESDAY, Feb. 25, 2015 (HealthDay News) — A British study finds a correlation between the amount of fluoride in public drinking water and a rise in incidence of underactive thyroid.

    While the study is only able to establish an association, not cause-and-effect, experts say the link deserves serious investigation.

    “Clinicians in the United States should emphasize to patients this association and should test patients for underactive thyroid,” said Dr. Spyros Mezitis, an endocrinologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

    “Patients should probably be advised to drink less fluoridated water and consume less fluoridated products, including [fluoridated] toothpaste,” added Mezitis, who was not involved in the study.

    But a representative of the American Dental Association took issue with the British report.

    The new study was led by Stephen Peckham of the University of Kent in Canterbury, England. They compared 2012 national data on levels of fluoride in drinking water to trends for hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) as diagnosed by family physicians across England.

    They found that in locales where tap water fluoride levels exceeded 0.3 milligrams per liter, the risk for having an underactive thyroid rose by 30 percent.

    Peckhams’s team also found that hypothyroidism rates were nearly double in urbanized regions that had fluoridated tap water, compared with regions that did not.

    “Consideration needs to be given to reducing fluoride exposure,” the researchers wrote. They believe that public efforts to strengthen dental health should move away from fluoridated water and instead “switch to topical fluoride-based and non-fluoride-based interventions.”

    Mezitis agreed that, while “fluoridation of the water supply is important for dental health, studies have also shown that iodine deficiency that may be caused by extra ingestion of fluoride is related to hypothyroidism.”

    ‘Day and Powell Jackson (1972) surveyed 13 villages in Nepal where the water supply was uniformly low in iodine (≤1 µg/L; see Figure 8-1). Here the goiter prevalence (5-69%, all age groups) was directly associated with the fluoride concentration (<0.1 to 0.36 mg/L; P < 0.01) or with hardness, calcium concentration, or magnesium concentration of the water (all P < 0.01). Goiter prevalence of at least 20% was associated with all fluoride concentrations ≥ 0.19 mg/L, suggesting that fluoride might influence the prevalence of goiter in an area where goiter is endemic because of low iodine intake. The possibility of a nutritional component (undernutrition or protein deficiency) to the development of goiter was also suggested.' (goiter is a cyst on your thyroid)

    i could go on but i've studied clinical pharmacology some while, bottled water is no saviour either and even natural fluoride levels can be very high, you can buy kits to test for fluoride, that white stuff left over however is NOT just fluoride but anything that is dissolved in that water, all you are doing is evaporating the water and leaving whatever solids that are left after the h20 is removed, you'd see the same thing with the various minerals left after mineral water, this article is kinda pointless but the fact remains that if you can topically apply it to your teeth, and by the way if you swallow toothpaste you'll notice a poison control number to call DUE TO THE FLUORIDE IN IT however if you spit it out and use mouthwash why on earth should we pay to have this stuff at an unknown largely unmonitored dose when too much can cause skeletal problems, dental fluorosis, thyroid, pituitary hardening and other neurological and metabolic problems when it can be reasonably safely applied to your teeth at a regulated dose safely, don't just guzzle up endless amounts in your water, tea, milk etc, looking at the above evidence what if someone has no idea about the scientifically PROVEN effects of excessive fluoride, drinks endless cups of tea WITH high fluoride tap water, possibly gets mistakenly prescribed fluoride therapy, swallows mouthwash and cleans their teeth with it? things many many people do with an unregulated dose of a toxic substance?

    Those posting in favour of this citing 'look at British teeth' need better evidence that that!

  30. Jan

    It is Sodium Flouride that we are talking about. Not Calcium Flouride.

  31. Gina

    Well, I don’t want fluoride in my body unless I am the who chooses to put it there. So, I don’t drink tap water and I don’t use toothpaste. I use my own homemade product to clean my teeth: baking soda, coconut oil, and a few drops of peppermint oil. Works great and I have not developed tooth decay. Also, my teeth aren’t as sensitive to cold as they used to be.
    Even if fluoride wasn’t toxic and even if it did help with tooth decay, I would still not want the government adding it to my water supply. The government doesn’t need to be making decisions for me about what I put into my body. It’s totalitarian, creepy, and rife with unsavory opportunities. Do you trust the government? I don’t. You can love your country, you know, and still not trust or love your governing officials.

  32. Steve

    Is it possible that it might be beneficial to teeth to just rinse with fluoridated water, but not ingest it ?

  33. pat

    It may prevent some cavities, but in the long run fluoride rots your teeth and weakens your bones. fluride also gets into your thyroid gland and causes an hypothyroidism, which is on the rise. In addition, fluoride gets into the pineal gland which prevents this gland from making melatonin.

  34. Joe

    I dunno if someone has already pointed this out but it’s sodium fluoride that’s in our water … it’s hexafluorosilic acid


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