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Slow but Steady

I started preparing about one year ago after what I saw happen in the financial markets. I, like many others are getting myself and my family ready for whatever the world can throw at us. However, like all of us I’m not even sure what I’m preparing for. That in itself makes the job more difficult.

If I knew a hurricane was going to be here one week from this Wednesday that would be a pretty  easy list to put together. But I don’t know when or what I will face, when it will start, or how long I will need to be self sufficient.

Thus, we are faced with what many of us see as the scramble  of a life time. Why, because what ever “it is” …it could happen tomorrow.

In some ways you can drive yourself crazy (and I have to some degree) trying to out guess myself regarding our overall supplies.

Should I buy a first aid kit first or should I buy another case of baked beans. Should I spring for a generator or should I go buy that used .40 Glock I saw the other day. It will drive you a bit nuts if you let it.

In the beginning (LOVE THOSE WORDS BY THE WAY) I would agree and suggest that you secure a few of the basics. Food, water and a decent first aid kit come to mind. Much of which you all ready have around the house. Don’t forget that much of preparation is organization. If you have it and need it but can’t find it you might as well not have it at all.

My son and I do most of the prepping around here and we are trying to keep things simple but focused at this point.

I don’t know about your house but at my house money is an issue. I can’t go out and spend twenty thousand dollars in one shot to get ready for an event they may not happen for five years.

Here then lies the solution, at least ours. Once you get a few of the obvious items that would be needed in nearly any emergency, start setting small goals.

For example my son and I just went out and bought five—five gallon gas cans. Total cost by the way about 60 bucks. In two weeks we’re going to go fill all of them up and store them in a safe place. Total cost, about 68 dollars.We would love to be able to go out and buy 100 gallons of gas and be able to fill twenty gas cans. For us right now that not practical.

We are now in the habit of spending about 120 dollars per month to prepare. Next month we will pick another area we think we need to fill in a bit more and we’ll drop another 120.

Now ever family budget is different but take the time to sit down either with yourself or with your spouse and talk about what that “number” is that you can comfortably set aside for that rainy, perhaps very stormy day. Cheers, Paul Karcher