Solar Batteries

solar batteries

A clever inventor created a battery that can charge itself using built in solar panels. While there are several problems with his prototype (long charge times, heated batteries) this is an interesting idea with a lot of potential.

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  1. Marc S.

    though that is a great idea to have solar panels on the out side of the battery, but would it be more affective if you just made a rechargeable station for rechargeable battery's? I would be worried they would "walk away" or if the panels would get broken if the battery's rolled of a table.

  2. Fred

    Batteries that have a built in solar charger….great idea! I'm tired of fumbling around for my solar battery charger….and if the problem is that the batteries with the built in charger get hot, well, so do the batteries in the solar charger. I live on a sailboat…which means that I'm willing to try alot of products that use alternative energy sources such as solar or wind. Ironically, I picked up a "close out special" at Home Depot that was a multiple LED light with built in solar and rechargeable batteries. Guess what I'm using for my house lights…yup, I picked up three of them for about $15.

    Getting back to the solar batteries…my most common size batteries used are AA and C. I've narrowed down my batteries so that I don't have to have so many different types. They also get plenty of use during hurricane season. The only problem there is that you might go for 36-48 hours before any sunshine shows up so you have to be ultra conservative in any energy consumption.

  3. Max Survival

    This wont work because most of the battery will not be in direct sunlight.

  4. Phoenix solar

    Another GREEN invention!! I'd like to say-
    The eye sees you
    Simplified by distance
    Into an origin,
    Your petalled head of flames
    Continuously exploding.
    Heat is the echo of your

    thanks a lot!~ Rebeca Taylor


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