Specialization is for insects

Here is an interesting article talking about specialization, actually more like against it.


The funny thing is the older I get the more I realize that what my parents have been telling me for years is true. I think in general the media has manipulated people to think a different way. The one thing I remember most that my parents told me was that I should learn a bit of everything because I will never know when I will need it.

Wow, how right they were, looking back at all those years, I missed many opportunities to learn new things. However, not all is lost because I realize my mistake and now I am taking full ownership and learning all I can, enjoy and think will be most important for survival and life in general.

I have wondered for many years, especially when I was school why everyone was always recommending to specialize so that you can have this or that degree, or certificate and you will be unique in the field. Well my only question now is, what happens when that field or position is eliminated and exported to Asia? We talk about diversifying our investments but yet we choose not to diversify our careers?

I recall my mom telling me over and over again and even complaining that her parents knew how to do everything. She was referring to how they used to live in the country on a farm. This is absolutely true, because they were self sufficient; making their own food and not relying on others. Instead, today we run to the supermarket without taking a moment to consider how this product or food was made.

Once again, what will people do when we have food shortages, price inflation? How will you feed yourself? Are you prepared?

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