Super-Power Showdown – US vs. China

These giants boast the world’s largest economies and active militaries with their decisions influencing politics at a global level. Despite a massive trade agreement and many diplomatic meetings, the two nations struggle to maintain the semblance of a civil relationship. As pressure mounts from US leaders, China remains unfazed, coolly growing its military and economy. Master-of-Finance-Degrees provides the ultimate infographic of how these two titans of industry and power measure up when pitted head-to-head. Guess who wins?

U.S. vs China: Superpower Showdown
Source: Master of Finance Degrees

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  1. Hunter

    The US defenatly is better in education, the only reasion china is “better” is because they come and go to school here and call themselves “chinese” they live in america not china, you are now americans! In a war we would compleatly destroy them!

    • Rajaat99

      Don't be to sure on that. A war between the US and China would be very, very bad. First, China would have to do very little to put us in a bind. How? Easy, number of soldiers. If China invaded a US territory with a million troops, and then immediately surrendered, how would the US deal with 1 million P.O.W.'s? Housing, guarding, and feeding them would be a nightmare.


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