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Top 10 Survival Movies

Like survival movies? Check out our picks for the top 10 survival and post apocalyptic movies around.

10. Tremors

Okay maybe this one is only borderline survivalist, but when a small town is cut off from the world by underground monsters, fun always ensues.

9. Waterworld

What happens when the world floods? Waterworld is what happens. Kevin Costner is a rogue survivor who has evolved to breathe and swim better under water. This survivor stumbles upon a little girl who holds the key to land all the while fighting a tyrant with unbeatable military forces.

8. 12 Monkeys

Bruce Willis plays a prison worker in a post apocalyptic society. After volunteering to participate in a science experiment Bruce Willis finds himself back in time before the society killing virus was released. He tries to prevent the catastrophe from taking place this preventing the societal collapse. This movie is a good watch.

7.Dawn of the Dead

Plain and simple this movie spells zombies and mayhem. After a rash of zombie infections, some survivors find themselves held up at the mall. They have some fun while they’re stuck at the mall but don’t expect a comedy. There’s some gruesome violence in this film as well.

6. Mad Max

Gas runs out and this is what Australia becomes, a desolate place filled with road gangs. In this world everyone’s competing for one thing; gasoline. Watch citizens fight for survival in this post apocalyptic world.

5. Terminator 2

Rarely do we see a sequel as good as the first. This one is better than its predecessor. Follow Jon Connors attempts to prevent the world takeover of robots using the very same robot that was sent back in time to kill him.

4. Deliverance

Ah the famous Dueling Banjos. This film is a classic. A few friends camping in the great outdoors, what could go wrong? As it happens a lot can go wrong. A few friends become hostages of some local mountain men but thanks to the survivor of the group, Lewis, the group has a chance to get back to society. This movie may have some adult themes.

3. The Postman

Get caught stealing in a post apocalyptic town? Pretend to be a postman! That’s what Kevin Costner does in this great EOTW movie. Follow Postmaster Ford Lincoln Mercury and the Postman through the fight of their lives as they preserve the mail service while fighting tyrannical forces.

2. I Am Legend

They thought they cured cancer but instead they created a terrible new disease. After killing off most of the population a sole survivor residing in New York tries to contact others. Isolation is his worst problem because he is immune to the disease. Watch Will Smith try to find other survivors as he struggles to maintain his sanity.

1. Red Dawn

Why does Red Dawn get our vote for number one survivalist movie? Well because of the realistic plot and harsh realities presented. This movie takes place in a small Colorado town. After being invaded by Cuba and Russia a group of students take refuge in the mountains. They begin to mount a guerrilla war campaign against the hostile invaders. A great watch for the modern survivalist.

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